So I was in Winston-Salem friday night at a tractor pull with about 6 of my friends. We went out to the car to get a few beers and this bum walks up to us.

At first he says, hey man don't be scared I don't want no money or your car. Look over there, there's my wife and kid man by that car. Then he starts talking about sound of the engines, and goes off on a tangent about guys who drive harleys at 30mph, that they're designed to go and if you want to ride 30mph get a scooter. This goes on for a while and then he's like "Look man, you guys seem like good people, life isn't about politics or racism (he was black btw), I'm just trying to go up here to the bojangles and get some chicken for my family."
I asked him where his family was again cause if they were actually there, I would have gave him some money. Well then he says bless you son and points off in this other direction and says they're at this development where he lives. And we're all like wait, I thought you said they were over there. And then he starts talking about god, and says "If you don't believe in god, you're a fool." I told him "I guess I'm a fool then". He looked at me like I had two heads and then walked off.

Funny thing was a few of my friends looked at me like I had two heads too. ;)

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He/she/it was probably too busy sorting out Beyonce's record sales to help.

Isn't Salem where they hung all those "witches"?

Here it would depend on where the theist said such a stupid and insulting thing. People would look at the impertinent theist as if HE/SHE had two heads. If the theist was a bloke and in a bar,just about anywhere in Oz,someone would probably deck him for the insult. (they would just laugh at a woman assuming she was drunk) I kid you not.

Australians tend be fairly irreverent. We have a healthy contempt for clergy,politicians,lawyers, journalists,child molestors and other members of the criminal classes. A full 8% of our population admit to going to church regularly. Personally, I think the figures are grossly inflated.
Haha, probably Could have happened here, but that was Salem, Massachusettes.

This particular 'bloke' was obviously high on something (illicit drugs, or alcohol), so I found no reason to deck him, as he'd probably not remember it in the morning but I would.
I also found his 'insult' rather amusing as he obviously had not figured on coming across any non-christian folk. Also considering as 'The Nerd' has put it, the irony in him asking non-theists for the help that his creator has obviously denied him.
Believe in God, give me money!

... that sounds remarkably familiar.
Now I have to share a story! It's really not the same without proper narration, but it needs to be told anyway.

My brother lives up in Salt Lake City, and one day he was at a subway or something and there was this long-haired red-eyed kind of druggy-looking guy, and everyone was clearly avoiding him. My brother made the mistake of making eye contact with him, so the guy comes bounding up to him and says "I am Jesus Christ" in his creepy hobo voice, and then he continues, "Did you know I died for your sins?" My brother says, "Thank you..." and then the Jesus-boy goes, "Don mention it..." and leaves.

Such a touching narrative.




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