I saw this on a church reader board not far from my house. The first thing that popped into my head was, "How in the hell is that supposed to make ANYONE feel better about their situation?" I mean, obviously if you're a religious person, and you feel abandoned by your God, you're in a bad spot in your life to begin with. Wouldn't you think it would just be fodder for the noose route for the church to be saying that not only are you in a bad spot right now, but that it's YOUR fault that God left you?

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Guilt is religion's stock in trade. When people leave the church, that's one of the few hooks to try to get them to come back.
How can one feel "far away" from "someone" (or should I say a trio of "someone") who was never "there" to begin with except within the religious imagination?

Well, even there, he never really "leaves" unless you turn into an atheist. And even then, one is left debating the imaginary thing's existence. So he's never really far away at all, is he?
pslam 82:6
ye are gods

Personally I think religion needs its faithful doubters, the ones who believe in their god but still question his existance from time to time. These are the people who keep the churches looking sane. The dangerous ones are always the mindless sheep and the deeply disturbed, assuming they don't go hand in hand.




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