Alright... Don't freak out on me. This is completely for fun  :)

In a world where you are forced to choose a religion for the rest of your life (dying or killing everyone else are not options) which religion would you choose and WHY?

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I would choose what ever fancied me and still trash it like I would today.

Well, I actually looked into Buddhism quite seriously in my 20's, theravada school of thought, but Zen made me think harder. But even then, just couldn't. Definitely not now. So maybe something I don't know much about, like Shinto. Or Parsi (Zoroastrianism). If it was good enough for Freddy Mercury, I'm in.

Zoroastrianism sounds very interesting.

True. They were also the first major monotheistic religion. They immigrated to India, outside Mumbai when forced to become Muslim. Modern day term is Parsi, and they don't accept converts readily, if at all. Still small pockets in Iran today. Less than 30,000 to 50,000 worldwide. So I guess its Shintoism for me.

But definitely Wiccan/pagan for me .. And I stated my reasons below .. They got moved down from all the replies here.
Wiccan/pagan ... It appeals to me. I love wearing pentacles and the nature aspect.

Awesome booklover .. we do have things in common!

Does Disney count? It certainly felt cult like when i worked for them.

Hey Jeremy. Did you see the South Park episode about the Jonas brothers and Disney? With Mickey as the leader forcing the brothers and all who worked for him around like a mafia don/cult leader? Funny stuff. If Matt and Trey said so, I guess it is.

I love South Park! I have all the seasons of the show on DVD. Yeah that's a great episode Tony!

That sounds like fun!  Will the leader speak like Yoda during the services and would we all were jedi robes?




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