So, what do we think is the best single episode to date to show to a Christian?


You have a friend over and they happen to be Christian.....they are willing to watch a funny show you downloaded.... you have a one episode shot at injecting some sliver of doubt into their world view which episode do you choose? 


Personally I'm torn between The Messages, and The Evil but there are a lot of plum contenders. 


What are your picks?



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Hardwired.... got to love it, explains why I love beer.
Shoes? That's it? :-)
ummmmm... you don't need anything else :-p
I love the bit where Mr Deity has the viable option of leaving out natural disasters but wants them left in so that it isn't too easy for people to believe in him. It's a beautifully written episode.
Agreed, "The Evil" would be my choice as well.
The video about the trinity was a good one.
Hard to pick a single best episode. The Evil or The Messages would have to be near the top, but to show a Christian? I might have to start with 'Mr. Deity and the Really Cheap Meal'
On Youtube, in the comments, it's kind of awesome just how many Christians use their amazing powers of cognitive dissonance to rationalize and reconcile the fact that they thought it was hilarious with the fact that it was totally blasphemous. Now THAT's subversion!

On topic - I have to say the 'The Evil' episode is what hooked me. It was actually Larry's reactions (no offense Mr. Deity) that did it.
Fun though. :-) I have a lot of Christian friends but they aren't completely humourless so I think they would cope. If they were completely humourless then they wouldn't be my friends. I wouldn't show it to stranegrs on the street though...probably.

The Host is best for Catholics, definitely!
I want to show The Host to my Catholic mother and see how she reacts.
My pick is definitely the evil with the big favor running a close second. Coincidentally, I believe they are the first two episodes. Dalton is a genius.
Definitely The Big Favor....


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