Don't make the mistake of thinking on behalf of athiests, think like a God. There are no good gods. Be a little cruel to....................

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Assuming all we see around us here on Earth as a given:

- I am certainly not the all-knowing/all-powerful god of the Abrahamic religions because I would never be that cruel or create a world just to watch my creations suffer.

- At best I'm like one of the lesser Greek gods, basically like the characters on "Heroes." A humanoid but with some superpower that makes me look god-like to those around me.

- In which case I'd congratulate the atheist for making it out of the religion-maze as I was using my god-like superpowers to further illustrate the ridiculousness of religion to others.

- Qualify that: Especially as a god I would not abuse my power to alter/control the will of others or proselytize. But, just like human-me, I would definitely underscore the clues, encourage people to think outside the box, encourage people to scrutinize their own beliefs (because surely your belief can stand up to scrutiny, right?).

- And finally, I would use my god-powers to not be as poor as I am. Not rob a bank or anything, just find a way to, say, pay off my student loans. Oh, and pick up cute guys.
I'd apologize. LOL! I really would!
Alex Donavan said: "First off, if I were GOD, there wouldn't be any atheists, since I'd be intelligent enough to give ample evidence of my existence."

Well-put. If all we see around us on Earth were not a given and I were the Abrahamic god, things would have been very different. Starting with one text, clear and to the point, no contradictions, no room for misinterpretation. And yes, plenty of ample evidence of my existence. E.g.;

- When my followers pray publicly that candidate X wins the election and instead candidate Y wins by a large margin, I'd boom my voice in every church; "Hello? Get the point? Do you think for a second that my answer to your prayers was 'no?'"

- When a preacher starts hating on the gay community I'd strike him down with lightening right then and there and ask the congregation, "Anyone else unclear on the issue?"

- When a suicide bomber tries to blow up a plaza or a building I'd bitch-slap him and say, "If I want this thing blown up I'd do it myself. What makes an arrogant little peon like you think I need you to do it for me?"

That, or when they get to heaven I'd appear as Buddha and say "Ha ha, got it wrong! See you in hell!"
That would be my approach as well. I'd have those xtains shaking in their boots and when I was done you'd see some big changes in them...Then I'd go over to the middle east and do the same.
If I were god, I don't think I'd treat Athiests any differently than theists. Of course, I could totally see me-God with a mentality of a 5 year old. Hmm, what happens to all my creation when I shake the earth really hard? Cool!, what if I pour water on them - wow, some float some sink! What else can I do to my creation? - oh, look, they are building stuff! I wonder if it will burn....where is my magnefying glass.....
Awesome answer - and quite possibly explains the Abrahamic god and where it gets its cruel streak. We are the ants, and he is the kid with the magnifying glass. Still not a god I would want to kiss up to but far more interesting and logical than "God loves us."
I think God would like to do same with an athiest what athiest do with him and his religon, if not worse.
"do same with an athiest what athiest do with him"

In other words, judge us honestly, without bias, basing that judgement on logic, reason and solid empirical evidence. I would love it if people/entities in my life would all judge me that way.

And if it is found that I am being cruel, vindictive, vain, contradictory with my wants and needs, demanding that everyone believe what I say without a scrap of evidence to back it up, then I deserve whatever I get.
Well, if I were a god (yeah right), I'd probably give the Atheists a medal for being able to rise beyond the mindless drones I created and rationalize their morals and actions independently.

I mean, from my perspective as a robotics tech, I see a fair number of machines... all of them doing what they've been programmed to do, follow my orders. When they don't and simply fail to function, they get repaired (obviously)... but if one of them ever were to show signs of independent thought (not going to happen by the way), I'd protect it, keep it in pristine condition, and spend allot of time with it to try and figure out how to do that again!

... sometimes I feel like I'm playing god with machines.

... and the ones that are quirky get the most attention... the rest just get run into the ground.
I think what he means is the God of the old testiment would fry atheists in their own body fat while hordes of demons skinned them using vegetable peelers,while they were forced to watch reruns of America's got talent for the rest of eternity.
You have to understand god of the old testiment is a vindictive arsehole who constantly contradicts himself.for someone who is omnipotent he is surprisingly impotent and thats got to screw you up after an eternity of people singing your praises.
just because you think atheists are wonderful and clever you shouldn't expect any special treatment.god is not a nice person, he has poor man mangement skills, he gets upset when people use freewill and he is very unhappy about anyone having sex without his permission.
Haha! XD

So, basically, I would send atheists to eternal damnation, into the fiery pits of hell.
If I were a God, what would I do to athiests?

Hmm... (taps table with his his fingers)

I would buy ice cream for the atheists, a reward for attracting the weak ones of my flock and leaving me with only the ones that I can manipulate easily.

Do you want sprinkles?




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