Now while your reading this post try to keep in mind that I love my family, despite how stupid and narrow minded they can be.


When it comes to being an athiest, I definitely take it to the extreme. I don't believe in anything even remotely paranormal. I think the idea of ghosts, angels, magic, all that stuff is just a way to make our ordinary lives more interesting. But on top of this I also don't believe in least the ones that are still based on speculation.

So needless to say I definitely don't believe the moon landing was fake, and I SUPER don't believe the whole 9/11 bull. But my aunt and grama do...which actually bugged me alot when I first found out. Not only do they believe the moon landing was fake and 9/11 was organized by the president, but they believe in astrology! My freaken grama thinks she can tell what kind of person you are by looking at yur handwriting because she's a self proclaimed wicken...and somehow this gives her the ability.

So once all this was out in the open they decided that they needed to prove their beliefs to me. My aunt told me that the full moon affects people. Like there's more babies born and more murders. I asked her what proof she had and she typed it into google and brought up the first article she saw and assumed that would be proof enough for me. So I told her I wasn't some idiot who was gonna read some random article by a random guy I didn't know with no credentials and no citations.

After that everything kept going down hill. I think we've argued about one of these topics at least once a week since we discovered our huge differences. I try not to bring it up, but I think the reason it bugs me so much is because I used to respect her a whole lot more than I do now.


My grama's no better too. My ex studies physics and i think my family bothers him more than me. Once when they got into the moon landing debate my grama flat out told him half way through that she simply didn't believe him. In other words: she simply didn't want to believe him.


Not only this, but they've actually told me that they feel sorry for me. When I asked them why my aunt said that not believing in things and having such a difficult mind to convince was sad. Like just because I can't read some random article and believe her makes my life dull. And when I tried to tell her that I was much happier not complicating my outlook on life with theories and just concentration on what actually exists; she just shook her head. Clearly she doesn't want to think someone can have a good life and think the way I do.


I'm baffled that this went unnoticed for so long. I used to think i was alot like my aunt, she was someone I looked up to and thought was pretty smart. Now I just think she's a lazy dumbass...I dunno what to thinkk about all this.


Any comments?


P.S: I'm sorry about my horrible grammar and punctuation, I'm terrible with both...

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While I do understand where you're coming from there are a few situations in which I might not forgive certain actions, but I couldn't imagine myself ceasing to love a certain person.

For example, even if my daughter turns out to be a serial killer I would still love her, though I certainly wouldn't approve of her actions. It makes sense to me because we as a species want to propagate our genes, and loving my offspring helps ensure my daughter's has my protection. This helps ensure that my genes will live on through grandchildren. She may just be another pebble in a sea of 6.8 billion other pebbles, but she's my pebble. I can see this logic extending to others who also share some DNA, and that certainly isn't arbitrary.
But that would be encouraging a serial killer to reproduce... I guess that would be good for your gene pool actually, since she'd be eliminating other gene pools... odd thought!
Nor I. I guess my gene is completely unselfish!
I hear you. I was raised to believe to love my family unconditionally no matter what. To me it meant that no matter what I did that my parents would always love me. However, I believe if a family member crosses certain lines, there are instances in which they are not deserving of that type of love. For instance, I don't think a child should have to love an adult family member who abused them.

I'm sorry that you feel guilty about the lack of unconditional love. But it's not your fault if your parents didn't set the example and show you what it was. The parents are supposed to show the child unconditional love, by having and expressing unconditional love for their child. If they did not do this, then the fault lies with them, not with you.


i am also in the same with you. i also had a hard time understanding what unconditional love was. i always thought it happens in between life partners. but now i have realized that it can happen with anyone. it can be your parents or the GOD, or a life partner. or your friend. whatsoever here is an article which describes it more elegantly

Unconditional love IS god, it is delusion, it is where your mind looses all rationality, and is willing to believe all the lies that the loved one shoves down your throat.

And that my strong atheist friends is my take-home message for this Xmas season, don't believe all the lies that faithers (whether in spiritual things, celestial gods or terrestrial gods) spout. Unconditional love is as blinding to the mind as an acid is to eyes.

How do they explain twins with such different lives? I've got a couple of brothers you can have for free.
I have a cousin that thinks she's some sort of psychic. She has a small little business giving readings to gullible old women. The last time I saw her was in the parking lot of a super market. While we were talking she asked me what my sister had been up to and if her phone# had changed because she can't ever seem to catch my sister on the phone. I made some sort of comment that she should just use her psychic powers and she should have no problems getting ahold of my sister. Needless to say she didn't think it was very funny. I just didn't have the heart to tell her that my sis has been avoiding her crazy ass. After busting her ass about the whole psychic thing for over a year, my cousin no longer talks to me about the crazy "Im a psychic" stuff anymore.
I don't blame you for making that comment at all, I probably would've said something alot louder and uncalled for. I seem to have an involuntary bad attitude towards fortune tellers and taro readers etc...
I had a friend who thought she was psychic. If people would ask her to show them, she'd just say "I can't just be psychic on demand, it just happens".

Yeah, that's called COINCIDENCE.
LOL, the beauty of caller ID! It is my filter to the world! Remember that book "He just ain't that into you"? it applies so well to daily life!


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