Do atheists really have a voice in the world ? We try and we try to be the voice of reason in this mad world, yet the madness merrily goes on. Are we atheists largely being ignored ? If so, what can be done about it ? Our species, indeed, every species on earth, are endangered by the madness and folly wrought by religion. It is my opinion that atheists everywhere need to be more vocal and more activist for the cause of reason in an unreasonable world. I've heard it said that getting atheists on the same page is like herding cats, but we've got to do something more than we are now, be more vocal, write more books and blogs, engage in more debates with believers. We have to be more visible in the world and not allow our cause to be ignored. I am certain that our future existence as a species depends on it.

I'm just a poor man. I live below the poverty line because of my disability. Even the computer I have was given to me. But even I'm trying to do my part. I use Google blogs, because it's free, to blog about atheism. I believe every atheist ought to have a blog, but that's just me. I already have nearly 3000 views of my blog since I began it in 2012, and I'm sure that some of those readers must be believers. Maybe we cannot ultimately save the world from the folly of religion and the likely eventual destruction it will bring, but if we refuse to be ignored, we can at least say, at least we tried.

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Atheists are one thing.  The "nones" may be entirely another.  As measured in the 2012 election, a considerable block of those who have no official religious affiliation amounted to a significant bloc of voters, larger, if I am not mistaken, than the Hispanic vote ... and if I recall correctly, that bloc voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama.  This has already been reported in the media (or I wouldn't be talking about it), and eventually, those in positions of political power will have to wake up to it ... and they will have to treat with us.

By the time 2016 comes around, I think the dynamic of who is courting whose votes may be VERY interesting, Anthony.  I guess we'll see.


Even many of the "nones" believe in some vague, amorphous, belief in some kind of Supreme Being or Supernatural reality, and they too, largely ignore what the atheists are saying.

Granted ... but at least some of them may be ripe to dump the garbage.  Takes time and some concerted individual thought, but I guess I'd rather think of them as potential atheists down the road.  Hey, I had an amorphous belief in some kind of god back when ... and I got over it.

The saving grace is that you don't see much of that in the States ... and if you did, I don't think it would go well for the islamists.

Anthony, you posed a many-faceted issue. Maybe I can polish a few facets.

Are atheists ignored? Religious Republicans don't ignore us.

Do we have a voice in the world? The Four Horsemen of the New Atheism (Hitchens et al) gave us a voice. Here in the US of A, we've been winning separation of church and state lawsuits since the middle 1940s. I know little of what atheists elsewhere are doing.

Voice of reason? We can be a voice of reason. There are too many other voices of reason for us to be the voice of reason.

The madness merrily goes on. Of course it does; we are after all descended from pond scum (also known as blue-green algae).

More vocal and more activist. More vocal and more activist, yes and yes, but we cats have many priorities and being herded requires us to pursue others' priorities.

Our future existence as a species. The universe, our galaxy, our solar system, and many here on earth don't care. I'm okay with that.


"but we cats have many priorities and being herded requires us to pursue others' priorities."

I think at base all interested atheists have the same basic priority, viz., to see more use of rationality and reason in all people, at least inasmuch as it comes to atheism's goal.


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