Ok, so I am sure this has been posted before, but my intuition tells me this topic will resurge in the next month or so; Shall we discuss the best way to reform immigration in the US?  


Should it be a 20ft high brick wall spanning all boarders, or should it be a free for all?  None of the above? Speak out!


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We need to reform immigration law.  I have a Facebook friend who is trying to get citizenship for her husband.  They live in Mexico.  She is now almost out of money because of how expensive it is to immigrate here.
Illegal immigration is a contentious issue that appears to defy any reasonable solution. The first problem is the 20 million individuals already living illegal in the US and the attendant issue of illegal immigrants with US born children who are, Constitutionally, citizens of the US.
The economic bonus to businesses of paying low wages and employees who, out of fear, won't report illegal activity or crimes against their person, is a strong incentive for US businesses to oppose reform of the current system, particularly the hotel, restaurant and construction industries. Influential individuals that use illegal immigrants as cheap and compliant domestic servants – maids, cooks, gardeners, nannies and etc. in all likelihood would oppose reform of the existing system.
The extreme positions taken by many of the opponents and proponents of immigration reform precludes an easy solution, or for that manner almost ANY solution. IMO, the only solution would be a vast improvement in the economic situation of the Mexican and other Latin America people – about as likely as Focus on the Family supporting same sex marriage and abortion rights.

I would like to see a better work visa system.  Not all the "illegal immigrants" intend to stay here permentantly.  Specifically those who come for seasonal work, but then can't get back across the border, or if they do leave may not be able to get back.  Its crazy how it is in the favor of many corporations to keep the laws as they are, because it allows them to keep exploiting these workers, who are legitimatly needed.  If they have a valid work visa, and a valid timeframe, then that would solve a lot of the problems.  Shoot, it shouldn't be that hard, so many countries  have a functioning immigration policy, I don't see why we can't study what they do and use that as a model for our country.   Really, i feel it should be an easy fix, its just been politicized like everything else.  Plus the masive use of fearmongering against anyone "foreign" is bull. 

and side note, I have a good friend from Canada who due to some paperwork issues is currently "illegal"  who works at a Mexican restaurant and is the only illegal alien working there.  kinda funny..

You mean those things that they require you to do before you can become a naturalized citizen?

The only difference is that you want to make it that way when they initial enter, vs how it is done now.


If you are talking about people just coming in for work then sure, since I don't think there is anything like this involved.

Haaaa, some graphic of token elder corporate white guy!

Generations folks. Look at Egypt, generational.

Many of the illegal aliens in my area are uneducated. How are we going to educate them all? I think some of the sender nations that unload surplus population on the U.S. need to send us some money to support the people they wont.
It's not like the illegals get on a government bus and are dropped off at the border.
If it's brown it can not be so good for you.




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