im atheist, depress, and confuse. my parents are religious. i know in my self that i can live with my self without the help of God. i have a therapist, he believes in God. that make me confuse, if my interpretation in God is correct. im 20 years old, love to read about science, religion, and history. i cant find any God in there that help people to be productive and independent. usually God, make a person bad and judgemental. im just conscious because he is in 40's and im 20 yrs old. im young to know everything. i want to play safe sometimes. the scared feeling, i feel now is seldom.

i dont know what to ask. i just need someone who can give opinion about my situation.

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Hi 'Asking Advice'. First, can I suggest you join the Philippine Atheists group here on Atheist Nexus. People from your own country are more likely to be able to give you good advice.

Please remember that there is no pressure on you to be an atheist. It's not like Christianity where someone is pushing you to 'convert' immediately. You need to decide on your own and you don't have to make a final decision until you're really comfortable with it.

Read and learn as much as you can. Talk to people here and ask questions.

Your therapist should not be bringing God into your sessions - especially if it makes you uncomfortable. Tell him you are exploring your beliefs and you would feel more comfortable if he would leave religion out of your discussions. Be polite, but firm.

I will send you a friend request and if I can help in any way, please contact me. I will not push any beliefs on to you, but will answer your questions as best I can.

You're right that 20 is very young to know everything. Many of us did not decide that we were atheists until much later. The thing to remember is you don't have to 'decide'. Just keep an open mind and educate yourself and enjoy the journey. There will come a time when the answers become clear to you - but that might not be for some time. That's not a problem. That means you are making a decision based on evidence and knowledge, not on emotions.

Best of luck.

Of course, as an atheist, I do not believe that God exists. But if God does exist and is the loving father he is said to be, how could he be mad at you for questioning his existence. He has provided so little evidence, and, if he exists, he has made you with an intelligent, rational, questioning mind. Surely any reasonable being would be happy to have his followers choose to worship him after a great deal of considered thought, rather than just by blind faith?

If you had a son, would you expect him to believe everything you said without questioning you? Or would you see it as evidence of his growing intelligence and independence when he said, "I'm not saying you're wrong, Dad, but I think I need to find this out for myself." Would you punish him for that?

If God punishes people for questioning his existence, for which he will provide no evidence, then he may not be the kind of entity you wish to worship.

What kind of father punishes his children for using their own intelligence?

Have you read the Old Testament? Even if he does exist, is that cruel, jealous, murderous entity really something you would wish to worship or follow?

Just some things to think about.
don't depress too hard
there's atheist nexus and surely a group half-way close to where you are
go to one

may the road rise to meet you
'bad and judge-mental' and my fave those sheep deny so much, racist (maladjusted to modern society is a god name-calling too)

People like you and I need afreethought farm commune; organic maybe.
Call it the wireless (through satlite) solar powered, wind powered, art/music, half-pipe (little vert) and atheist friendly utopia...
b u t
in this immediate reality of lost minds though-
it's the money (those that have dementia have a problem with making it and or organizing it; dementia types then turn to some leader/pastor or the TV that has all the things they wanna here; supposed placebo more like to many steps backwards)

learn languages like PHP/JAVA/UNIX/FLASH/Dreamweaver etc.. they pay well and will get you where you want to be

jesus or gods don't win battles, in life or on the field of blood
the cunning and tech do the job(s)
besides prayers/sermons in the dust hold up the military in battles from what I've gathered
if you add up all the prayer time it's probably a percentage of wasted tax-payer time
^^ have no fear, I would suggest checking out punk/hardcore music , as for me this is the best source for both confidence and personal freedom. I don't know if you know spanish but @patia no from argentina is one of my fav punk bands , english speaking bands i like a lot are the dead kennedy's , crass, citizen fish. Also really helpful to me has been the philosiphy of communism(not the bullshit imperialist one ) the philosiphy of lenin, marx , engels, george dimitrov seems right on to me. We are all humans so of course we want to be nice to eachother and feel for another so obviously make an understanding of reality which makes it easier for you to see how to be yourself. My boyfriend is Catholic and Mexican so lol, we've had a lot of conflicts over religion but now he is truly starting to respect me more and he is starting to think all gods are the same god^^ a little bit better right? lol
Sometimes old people, even though they have seen many years, are still misguided about many things...many people decide they are right and everyone else is wrong and never question that their entire lives. An skeptic will always question his views because he demands logic and reason. While you should work on understanding your reasons for atheism so you can grow and feel more comfortable, don't let older theists intimidate you. After all, they have invested much more time into the 'lie' and it would be hard for them to admit they were wrong. You are smart and have solved one of life's tougher mystery's early on, but there is still much more to learn so don't feel bad if you feel confused. Just concentrate on education and you will understand reality better.

If your counselor brings up God a lot you might want to find a new one.


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