I'm Getting Bashed on a Writers Website for Coming Out Atheist

I'm on this writers site and recently posted a piece about Atheism. It was my way of coming out, saying hey I am who I am, I accept you for you and you should accept me for me. Well it turns out they're not. They can write a bunch of bad poetry about God but I can't write an essay on Atheism. They're leaving me bad comments and telling me to leave because of the content of my essay and not the quality of my writing, and they're all standing behind their comments, telling me I'm a bad writer and a bad person for writing about something I knew was going to get people angry. Oh well sorry if the fact that I exist gets people angry. What can I say to defend myself? I want to go to the site admin but I don't know if that would do anything. I have a right to declare my lack of faith and not be harassed for it right?

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Further to my earlier post - I would not be discouraged by these attacks. I always find it odd that people who believe in god, eternal resting places or eternal damnation, angels - all matter of caveman mentality should actually be embarassed by their convictions. What if adults still believed and worshipped Santa Claus - they would be thought of as mentally challenged. We are on the right side of truth and even though in the minority, should always be proud about our realistic worldview.
Well, on your last point, you don't have the right to not be harassed -- not like that anyway.

It's easy to forget when we're here that 80% of Americans would distrust an atheist based solely on their atheism. I don't think it's worth your time to go head to head with those idiots because at the end of the day you'll still be an atheist and they'll still be offended.

You certainly do have every right to declare your lack of faith or, better yet, your conclusions about things based on the evidence at hand which we all know is conspicuously absent in regards to god. My tack with people like the ones you are describing is to go right back at them; I tell them that the primary reason that I have come to not believe in a god is because none of the people who profess to believe in a god actually do. It would be one thing if there was a complete dearth of evidence but believers showed an indirect form of evidence by actually living their lives as if they believed one modicum of scripture, whatever flavor that might happen to be.

But, and we all know this to be true, they most certainly don't. They berate evolution as "only" a theory yet they drink deeply at the fountain of modern medicine which is completely based on evolutionary biology. They deride chemical dating of rocks as innaccurate "pseudoscience" yet they partake of the very same chemical theories to better their and their family's lives. They claim to have some sort of "moral superiority" because of their beliefs yet in every hot button of morality that the religious like to trumpet as the pernicious effects of unbelief, it is the religious themselves that make of the majority of the criminals, broken marriages, sexual crimes and whatever moral failings one would like to list. And, as far as I know, there is not one Freethinking chapter of the KKK that I am aware of.

Personally, I applaud your decision to come out and stand on the side of reason. It is the true definition of the golden rule as is practiced by freethinkers throughout history; it is the heritage of the freethinkers that have given humanity the mastery and understanding of the universe that we now possess and we share the fruits of that understanding fully with the unbelievers who take these fruits and then curse and despise the very people who gave it to them. Good thing we view the bible as a bunch of religious hogwash or we might take seriously the verse, "Do not cast your pearls before swine". :)


I am new here but this thread hits home with me. I lost my job over an article I wrote to the Wichita letters to the editor and my boss read it. She has a brain tumor and is a devout Catholic. She freely talks at work that if God wants to heal her he would. Boy my article irked her and she even questioned me about my credibility and lack of ethics because I worked as a med aid in a nursing home. I would probably still have my job if she thought I was a practicing fundamentalist muslim. She spouts off chritianity and I keep my mouth shut at work and I still managed to get canned. Be thankful you still have a job.
I dont even know what to tell my next employer why I got fired. The truth wont help that's for god damn sure.
They do attack that's for sure. The problem is every the atheists I know are not militants. They shut up to get along. With us now around 15% of the population and probably just as many in the closet do you think we will be able to talk candidly in our life time?
"they attack like a pack of jackals around a carcass"

I have been the carcass a few times. When it reaches that point, I never hesitate to point out how loving and merciful they really are. I truly appreciate them showing me the real meaning of Christianity. ; )
Excellent! It really stops them right in their tracks. At times like those I like telling them, "The main reason I don't become a Christian is I am afraid of becoming just like you!" Although, to be fair, pointing out the hypocrisy can bring the violent tendencies out rather quickly both immediately and after they have had some time to sit and stew about the embarrasment they just suffered.

You are risking malicious damage to your personal effects, vehicles and even to your self. The only way to defuse that sort of thing is to band together and go on the offensive. If, after an exchange like that, you hear nasty sentiments directed against an atheist, it is imperative to stand up in defence of them. Once the theists realize they are up against more than one individual, they always retreat and claim "persecution". It's all about the numbers, folks. Once they realize there are significant numbers of us, they will go away. We, by keeping our mouths shut, are our own worst enemy. We are no different than any victim of abuse that won't speak up; the beating won't stop until we do.

Ask them,

"Why are you so bothered by the fact that I don't believe the same 2,000 yr old stories you do?"
I'm glad you wrote it, though I am sorry to hear you are being bashed.

People need to be exposed to atheism. They need to know that there are people who will flat out say, "There is no god, goddess, angels, devils, hell, heaven, gnomes, elves, fairies, etc...". So what if you said it? What did you do, rock their belief system? If you did good for you. I think these types of reactions come from the very insecure. They feign it as being offended, but they are deeply insecure with their own superstitious beliefs. When people quit getting the automatic silent respect for their religious beliefs, they will be induced to think for themselves.

So often I hear people talk about how firmly planted they are in their faith, yet one mention of atheism, and it is all too clear how brittle they really are. Think about it... do you honestly care if people tell you atheism is a lie? I don't. I know what is true, and I can back it up very solidly. At some point the truth always comes out.
Hey guys, thanks for all the support. I'm sorry I haven't been online lately, my ancient OS rarely gives me the time of day (Windows 95, wow). I've since just closed my account and left that site altogether. I could have stayed and fought the power and maybe I should have but it was just too depressing. I don't want to call it out directly because not everyone there was bad, but it just sucks that I had to meet up with the God-squad. I've posted the piece that caused all the hullaballoo on my blog, it seems like it will be better recieved here. All the suggestions I've gotten here for responses to bigotry have actually been really helpful and now I guess I have to start building an arsenal of comebacks because people don't choose to get bullied it just kinda happens, and I guess I have to learn how to defend myself even if I don't want to.
Don't forget, there are atheist writing circles here.
"I'm sorry I haven't been online lately, my ancient OS rarely gives me the time of day (Windows 95, wow)."

Then my child, let me lead you into the light and the church of ... I mean the OS of ... Kubuntu Linux.


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