I'm Getting Bashed on a Writers Website for Coming Out Atheist

I'm on this writers site and recently posted a piece about Atheism. It was my way of coming out, saying hey I am who I am, I accept you for you and you should accept me for me. Well it turns out they're not. They can write a bunch of bad poetry about God but I can't write an essay on Atheism. They're leaving me bad comments and telling me to leave because of the content of my essay and not the quality of my writing, and they're all standing behind their comments, telling me I'm a bad writer and a bad person for writing about something I knew was going to get people angry. Oh well sorry if the fact that I exist gets people angry. What can I say to defend myself? I want to go to the site admin but I don't know if that would do anything. I have a right to declare my lack of faith and not be harassed for it right?

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See Nic, if I was you I'd play on it, (perhaps I will :-) You know I never new how controversial being an Atheist was until i got on Atheist forums. I think it must largely be an Americanh thing. Nobody ever bothered me in Australia about it. But hell, no artist ever went broke by being controversial.
I think you should join a different writers site. Writers should always be the champions of Truth and Free-thought. Anyone who makes these kinds of comments while claiming to be a writer is nothing but a self-serving, verbose arrogant mouthpiece whose work is fit only for product advertisements and political propoganda. (You can tell them that if you want.)




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