I'm in love with my grandson and we're having a baby

I only wish I could make this up.

I feel the need to go wash my hands now...

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Too late to read, it's been pulled. shrug.
I really wondered if the whole story was fake. I searched on it and didn't find any hits, other than the one link. Maybe it was real, maybe not.
They have sold the story to numerous trashy womens mags...so even if not real, they have done their best to ruin their own reputations for some coinage.
well I was suspecting it was fake in the first place, because in my mind, if a grandchild is old enough to produce young, then granny is almost most certainly too old to produce more babies. The exception to that would be in a 13 year old had a child, and then her child bore young at 13 also. But that's me being overly logical, and it would have been entertaining just the same.



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