I became atheist probably a couple years ago.  Gradually, went from a crappy catholic to an atheist.(seen the light after some deep discussions with my daughter when she was home from college.)  She dropped the bomb on me and eventually, I saw exactly where she was coming from.      Anyway, before, when I was on the fence, religious people slightly annoyed me, but not that bad.   Now I can't stomach them for a minute.   I'm almost feeling hostile.    It seems like since I came to terms with my atheism, all I notice are people praying, blessing, giving credit to god, etc. etc.  It's annoying the shit out of me, to be honest.  I want to scream and pound them!   Does everybody feel that way? 

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"crappy cathlik" LOL, sigh...
ah, don't let the enemy get the best of you ever

read lyrics from a band called Sick of It All, NYC hardcore punk rock
they've dealt with these feeling on so many scales it's quite an ear/eye opener
mind you the vocals will challenge your threshold of sanity if you're older than say 40.

take care, hold down the angnst! play music do art... organize
yeah, i just want to smack the crap out of them and ask them why they're so freaking stupid and blind.....

it's impossible to talk with them rationally; there's no reasoning with them either....it's disgustingly infuriating
Yeah, especially when you know first hand (I'm a former "christian") what crap it all is.

Just a few hours ago, while out at a restaurant having lunch, a family sitting next table over (grandparents, parents and two kids under 5 ? ), I couldn't help but hear them all actually CHEERING when one of /both of the kids said repeatedly "praise jesus !"

It was all I could do to not stand up and say "OH COME ONNNNNNNNNN !!!!! - you're CHEERING for what ??? ... you're proud of yourselves cuz you've successfully BRAINWASHED your kids - before they reach their 4th birthdays ?!! "
Well done, kiddies, you now have all the critical faculties of that milkshake you just drank.
I am reading the Bible from cover to cover...started in the old testament just so I can know more about what these people are trying to push on me. I have found out that the majority of Christians haven't even made it past 20 pages. Most of what they know is what someone has told them and this gives me the information to rationalize and quote parts of the Bible that they are even unaware of. By the way, the Bible is a really dry read. The only way I can get through it is to keep it next to the toilet. :)
LOL, now you have two reasons to wash your hands.
Lisa, I smiled when I read your post. I've been out as an atheist for twenty years. At first, like you, I didn't really open my mind until many deep conversations with a brother who is atheist and two of my children, who are atheist. What is ironic is that they always made it a point to thank me for allowing them to make their own decisions about religion as they grew up while at the same time they humored me in my own religiousness.

Anyway . . . as for being annoyed with believers -- at first, I went through that anger, but over the years I have become more mellow about it. I guess because I had 'been there, done that' I related with the mindless comfort of 'faith'. I feel sooo very lucky that I finally allowed myself to be free of all that. On another level, I do see first hand how dangerous religions/superstitions are, but I just don't have the energy any more to be a rabble rouser. Guess I haven't really answered your question, but I do know that my anger has turned into resignation.
I used to feel this way towards believers, despite having once been one myself. Now I feel sorry for them more than anything, but the anger is largely gone. I still hate religion, but I don't blame it's victims anymore.
I think that is a healthy attitude - one that I aspire to myself, but have trouble achieving :)
yup, I'm totally with you. what a waste of time and effort, clinging tenaciously to their own insecurities. I genuinely believe that the world would be significantly better without religion...
oh and kudos to your daughter.
I know exactly how you feel! I just started my facebook page to stay in contact with family and old friends and it seems like that's all everyone talks about is how great their god is or how blessed they are etc! I asked one friend what was the point of posting all the nonsense on facebook and she said to spread the gospel! So I got to the point where I started deleting all the jesus freaks! It's like that anywhere I go! Now I am usually pretty nice about it and let them know that I am atheist! Then they come at me like I need to be saved, that's when I get rude! And thank goodness my military days are just about over with because I am surrounded by these kinds of folks, especially being deployed, it could drive you nuts!!!



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