I became atheist probably a couple years ago.  Gradually, went from a crappy catholic to an atheist.(seen the light after some deep discussions with my daughter when she was home from college.)  She dropped the bomb on me and eventually, I saw exactly where she was coming from.      Anyway, before, when I was on the fence, religious people slightly annoyed me, but not that bad.   Now I can't stomach them for a minute.   I'm almost feeling hostile.    It seems like since I came to terms with my atheism, all I notice are people praying, blessing, giving credit to god, etc. etc.  It's annoying the shit out of me, to be honest.  I want to scream and pound them!   Does everybody feel that way? 

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Thanks, all of you. I thought I felt this way because I'm a grouchy old woman.........Oh..wait....what's wrong with that??
We all feel that way at times. Especially if you tend to spend allot of time around the religious.

The constant onslaught of their mythical beliefs being hurled at you without end... knowing that they've all been duped. It can get quite aggravating.

But... as you said, you were once Catholic.
The irony of it is, you've probably annoyed a few Atheists yourself without realizing it.

But that's the bane of religion you see... Ignorance.
It's only blissful from the inside. If you're the one looking at it, it's saddening to an angering level.
To add to my last reply :

While we do get rather annoyed with the ignorance of religion, actually portraying our anger at them would be foolish.
Attacking them for being religious would make no more sense than yelling at a blind man for not looking where he's going.

Prying yourself out of that mind cage religion sets up can only be done by the person trapped in it.

Some question what they're told.
Some don't.

It's thanks to people that do question everything that we're where we are today, and not still digging around in the dirt.
But for every one who advances, there are dozens who are still hung up on the outdated dogma of the previous generations.

It's been that way throughout history, it will always be that way.

Luckily, we still manage to progress regardless, anchors in tow.
What annoys me the most are the religious folk who spread BS like: "Science proves there is a God!"

Or "It's been scientifically proven that ____ (fill in name of deity) performed ____ (fill in name of miracle)."

Religious people are bad enough, but the religious folks who spread this blatantly false crock are the worst and irritate me no end. I don't bother restraining myself when I hear these "claims" being made. A couple of questions and a request that some reference be forwarded usually shuts them up.
Suggested Response:

A proven miracle? Wow! Where was the study done? Was it published in "Science" or maybe "JAMA?" Was it peer-reviewed ... or is this yet another load of dog-poop?
I feel the same way, I am a cashier and I see people with Cross Necklaces all of the time and I just want to punch their smug faces in. I wish I could ask them if they really believe in that crap.
I love how degrading the stupid stupid stupid stupid makes us come closer together. Its a great feeling for me when dream of punching any spiritual person in his stupid face. Makes me feel so incredibly superior which we all are. I mean, I wish we could win over them and then out of sheer joy have them beibg our servants as punishment for how much suffering they caused us Uber humans. Is there any way/where were we can officially step up the conflict between us and the stupid stupid stupid believers and let them know more serious how much we hate them? It has to be done, and the war preferably must last eternally since if we win and forcefully can convert them to us then we arent superior to any stupid stupid stupid group which I just want to smash their faces in on, for eveolution, or dawkins my new saviour.
Please, any advice on how I can undermine them and any group not thinking like me is extremely (rightwing) apreciated!

How about starting a party were we can strictly make an agenda for the New Order that we should smash into peoples faces.

I will lead you, a superiour charlie chaplin mustach will be cultivated from now on, which by the way also is atheist, but my mustasch keeps saying to be tolerant, humble and keeps telling me to FUCKING STRAIGHT MY STUPID SHIT OUT, interestingly, my mustasch is the first atheist I know that doesnt wanna smash the face of a believer,, my mustach just shakes his.. Mustasch at me when I for example hear a 7 year old child say she believes in santa and I just wanna smash that believing face in, or when my grandmother tries homeopathy, I just wanna take a baseballbat and.. Yep.. Smash her face in, maybe also break her fingers. Sometimes my desires of face smashing isnt enough, Im afraid the stupid stupid stupid believers might just go unconcious immediately and then they wont feel pain, And I WANT them to suffer and feel pain which is the reason why I want to smash their stupid face in, so a recomendation is that to slowly and progressivly torture them just under the level were they might faint. So that they only suffer and cant escape the pain. Prolong this preferable for eternity, shout hysterically: welcome to hell while slapping them with your red tail in their face, which the way is a stupid face with no intelligence.

These wars should be written down as some sort of gospels which we can use as ultimate narrow minded guidance.

If you feel the revolution is going to slow then remember to stay proud, immovable and firm with our belief and you will see the reckoning will punish the wicked stupid stupid stupid believers one fine day.

Hear ye, write on your belt: Face smashing is justice and the liverty is ours! !!

Heil evolution! Heil Evolution.........
And if anyone complains about my english which is my 2nd language then i smash your stupid face in which I hate since you are intolerant then, Remember in star wars they say intolerance leads anger which leads to hate which leads to happiness, bliss and love:D oh wait a minute...
Ill be back after I have smashed my face in, i just realized im am JUST AS STUPID and INTOLERANT as the stupid people I hate.
Fuck.. I hope i can beat some sence into my stupid stupid little brain of mine..
LMAO, I feel better now. If you really want to punch, found the ultimate virtual punching bag. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFjoEgYOgRo

( I honestly don't know how RD doesn't lunge across the room and choke her)
I have an ankh necklace that my husband gave me for birthday, and one time on the city bus I had a man comment on it. He didn't even know what it was, he thought it was simply an "unusual design" for a cross.
I do know how you feel. I don't even talk to people anymore, if it comes to matters of religion. But if I think about it, I am able to weed out the generic comments they make (i e : praise the lord, etc) which really mean nothing at all, from blatant ignorance. (i e: comments about how things got started on the planet)
Another recovering Catholic here. (over 40 years)

My mother is still a devout Catholic,she knows better than to start talking religion in my presence as I will simply leave..Unless of course I'm in a really bad mood, which I usually am. I will then say very unkind things about The Church generally, that slimy Cardinal George Pell or The Vatican's incumbent head geriatric buffoon.

With an extended Irish Catholic family,it behooves me to attend certain family rites of passage.Because I no longer drink,I pay my respects and usually manage to slip away before first blood, without having an apoplectic seizure or punching the ubiquitous parish parasite.



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