Hello! My name is Melanie, I reside in Fort Worth, Texas. I have one year twins. I recently joined this website to meet like minds. Hopefully, I will make a few new friends. =)

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Hi Melanie!

Welcome to AN!
The Dallas/Fort Worth area is one of my favorites. I have never lived there, but I have traveled to there often for work and pleasure. I use to work for BNSF Railroad, headquartered in north Fort Worth, but I worked out of the Topeka office.

Many of my friends made the move from Topeka to your area to follow their job with BNSF, but I was not one of them. I also took almost three months of training broken up into about four trips at the UNT in Denton.

If I had been single, I would have loved to make the move.

I am not an active user on forums and social networks such as this, but I do log in often to see what is happening. I am such a slow writer though, that most of my time is spent reading instead of participating.

Hope you find some good active friends though and I am usually around, just quiet.
Dallas/ Fort Worth is one of my favorites too. =) Nice to meet you!
Quickest way to get to know the people here is to join us in the chat room. Many people are there nightly.

Nice to meet you btw, Johnny here from GTA Canada.
Thanks everyone!! =)
Hi Melanie - excellent double trouble ! if there was a god ..............

However must be quite tough down in FW - been there a couple of times and indeed quite a few other places in Texas.Sometimes I bite my tongue - others I cannot help it - probably my Irish accent means they dont quite fully understand what I am saying - however if you hear of a good old Southern lynching of an Irish fellow in the future -that will be me !
Hi, friend! I'm Sonny Dee! Nice to meet and greetings from Louisiana.
Hi, Melanie! Welcome to the site!
Thanks for the greetings everyone!
Congratulations regarding the babies! There are lots of mommy's who do not believe in that God stuff. Good for you!




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