I'm new to this site and want some friends :) Make me feel at home!

I just found this website two days ago, and so far it has been amazing! Finally an online community for atheists! woo hoo!

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QUIET, you'll wake the theists!

[chuckle!] GREETS! Wade on in, the water's WET!
Hi Sam, welcome to the fold! Your myspace says you are from Boston? (edit, oh, so do your tags right here, lol) My wife used to live there, she loved that city (pre Big Dig)!
Welcome! I'm sure you'll find a good bunch of folks here.
Welcome dude! Be sure to check out the groups...
Hey guys! Thanks for the warm welcome :) @Skraeling, yes, I live in Boston, but I'm originally from northern Minnesota. @Loren Miller, every day on my way to school, there is this one guy that stands right at the exit of the subway station telling all of us that the world is going to end and we will all go to hell unless we have JESUS in our hearts! lol, in other words, I think I already woke them...?
Hey good for you - welcome!
This is such a great community, no one here is condescending because you don't share their belief in a higher power. SOOOOO nice!!




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