Randall Terry, Pat Robbertson, John Hagee, Rod Parsley, Wiley Drake, Gordon Klingschmitt, Steven Anderson, James Dobson, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Richard Land, Gary Bauer, Don Wildmon, Katherine Harris, Ken Blackwell, Bob Knight, Tony Perkins, Harry Jackson, Gary Shneeberger, Tim LaHaye, Robert Grant, Paul Weyrich, James Kennedy, Richard Viguerie, Robert Combs, Joel Hunter, Ralph Reed, and Jerry Falwell...ooops, no, not Falwell: he's already in Hell.

Unlike Anderson and some others on this list who have come out publicly to announce they are praying for the death of the president, I can pray for all of these deaths with impunity, as I do not believe in a deity who might strike them dead. Thank God I'm an atheist!

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I never thought about how much the world could be improved ju7st by the demise of a small number of p0eople. Excuse poor typing. I'm rather new to the computer & typing, but I'm two years oldser than dirt.Would you mind adding the Bush/Cheney gang ?
Yes, I would mind. I am sorry, but we now know from sources close to Bush and Rove (I don't know about Cheney: he is insane enough he doesn't need religious convictions) that the administration pretty much regarded the religious right as a bunch of "kooks." I tried to list only pesters pastors and their political operatives (e.g. Robertson and Reed). I tried to avoid politicians, even if, like that obnoxious twit Gomer Shuckabee, Sham Brownspeck, et al. because they wouldn't be caught dead making public statements about wishing for a sitting president's death (even though they might be praying for it in private). Thanks for the suggestion all the same, and I agree with you in principle.
Although I am a neighbour to the north, we should view these people with the same tint of glasses as we may an outspoken cleric in foreign country. They are not just a harmless mouth to be laughed at, they are a menace that needs to be spoken to. If they only hear their mindless (or money forking) followers they will continue on their merry way. They are playing on emotion rather than reason...like most other snake oil salespeople.
I'ld join you in your prayers if I thought it would do any good...On a side note, as much as I dislike him, we have to give Rove a bit of credit. I unstand that he is an atheist!!
So were, as Fox Mews keeps telling us, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. Just as there are Christians who are monsters, there are atheists who are monsters. The ability to be nice and altruistic is not a monopoly of the religious.
Except all evidence points to Hitler being a Catholic and supported by the Papacy. Le sigh. .__.
He was brought up Catholic and used the Church at first, but once his cult of the personality was institutionalized (for want of a better term), he became the "god" of Nazism, a state religion. That is how fascism works.
Very true. In fact I would argue as others have before me that to get nice people to do truely horrid things requires religion. I don't think Roves atheism has anything to do with his being a turd', I was trying to see some bit of humanity in him. Perhaps not all my early indoctrination has been exorcised. As my father in law pointed out to me recently some people choose to be assholes. No deep seated mental problems behind it but rather a deliberate choice!!
I don't think it's so much a choice to be an asshole, but rather, being an asshole is the outward symptom of a sociopath. They are devoid, for the most part, of empathy; how their actions will negatively effect other lives is not part of their decision making process.




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