If this isn't an elaborate marketing campaign that I've been fooled by, then this is the coolest thing I have seen in a very long time.
Link that actually works :)

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I have a degenerative muscle disease. Is this thing on the level? What I wouldn't give to walk again. Anybody have some input on this? How about a torso and arm unit?
Did she say $7000/month? Uh...

Which, while still high, is pretty reasonable considering the ability it affords. If I lost the ability to walk I would give anything to get it back.
'... designed to help the elderly or disabled walk more easily...'


Honda already made headlines w/that on CNN methinx!?
I hear that's the future for stock-personnel in warehouses.
What if it breaks and does damage to your tissue, yikes; well, for the elderly it'd be great.

I've seen that stuff on tons of animé movies etc..
Akira, Ghost in the Shell... endless amounts of Asian theory becoming technological reality (look at the iPhone). Cloaks, cyborg cops and what not, you name it probably in the works.


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