Ahh, the bad grammar is killing me.

"How do you deny Allah and you were dead and He gave you life?..."2-28
I'm sticking it out all the way through it, but the bad grammar is making me want to shoot myself.

Over winter break, I'm going to read the Quran front to back, when I get back it'll be the Bible front to back.

The more I read, the surer I get in my atheism.

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Like it has been said, there is now quicker way to atheism like reading the Quran.
Oh man, I'm sorry. I would like to think I'm going to read that but bad grammer in books really irritates me! I doubt I could get through it. I'm currently reading the bible and it's driving me mad, I really hate tons of short declaritive sentances. I remember when I was little in religious classes having my teacher tell me that the Bible was the best book because it was super exciting and had war and whatever and something for everyone!!!!!!!!

Not. Exciting.

And very unbelievable. I agree, I think reading this crap just makes atheists more atheisty and ready to start a little conflict, I have no idea how people who read any of this can buy into it.
Well it does seem to explain why in some parts of the Muslim world this stuff is crammed down kid's throats at a very young age, without giving them the critical thinking skills to realize what is being done to them. This stuff is so foolish and nonsensical it has to be injected through indoctrination, otherwise most people would realize they are being fed bullshit.

The Christian world does it in some places too, but as it's not as widespread and forced, and Christians can get exposed to contrary opinions (like ours), and I think this has caused religion in the west to be in a bit of a free fall.
The bible was the best book?!!
Whoa...Gotta wonder about that teacher..I've read it and watching paint dry is more entertaining.
Which translation are you reading? You must have a crappy one. Some of them are actually fairly readable (Think King James Version vs. NIV).

Go to the local bookstore and peruse the selection. You may find a copy that isn't so... bad :P




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