The First Amendment is one of the most sacred passages of human inscription in the history of writing things down, IMO. It is not my intention to squelch anyone's expression. And I also noticed that the home page has had it's 'headline listings' increased both for discussions and blogs.

But I'm wondering if it wouldn't be a welcome courtesy if our more prolific bloggers (I could easily be among them, if I showed no restraint) could submit only one blog every 12 hours or so. That way, other posts wouldn't get pushed off the home page so fast.

Like I said - this has probably come up before and, frankly, I don't know how it could be enforced. In fact, I am against a rule - but I do ask for courtesy.

Finally, it was brought to my attention that a 'blog' should, in some respect, be a journal entry. That is to say, the person who submits it should own it in some way - be the author of it. I'm not ragging on spam, per se. I just want to clarify that reposts of articles that can be found elsewhere without critical comment aren't really blogs.

Thanks for your time and attention,


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Responding to discussions does pop them up the list - as interesting - and they are designed for back and forth. Blogs just get dumped off the bottom no matter how many people were interested (number of comments.)

I didn't say it should be policed. In the original OP I suggested it was a matter of courtesy - which further implies that many people simply don't think it through. - see S. Moore's reply to the comment above for further, simple clarification.
Here's an attempt at a flowchart for considerate posting.
What does having Asperger's have to do with it?
Snake-nose likes to use "asperger's" the way KKK clowns use "nigger". He thinks it's clever and amusing. It's how he punctuated the first threat he dumped on my wall close on a year ago after I caught him doing something he would have preferred remained secret.
well, what was it? Obviously you can say what you want if he can do as he pleases without a moment of contemplating courtesy.




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