The First Amendment is one of the most sacred passages of human inscription in the history of writing things down, IMO. It is not my intention to squelch anyone's expression. And I also noticed that the home page has had it's 'headline listings' increased both for discussions and blogs.

But I'm wondering if it wouldn't be a welcome courtesy if our more prolific bloggers (I could easily be among them, if I showed no restraint) could submit only one blog every 12 hours or so. That way, other posts wouldn't get pushed off the home page so fast.

Like I said - this has probably come up before and, frankly, I don't know how it could be enforced. In fact, I am against a rule - but I do ask for courtesy.

Finally, it was brought to my attention that a 'blog' should, in some respect, be a journal entry. That is to say, the person who submits it should own it in some way - be the author of it. I'm not ragging on spam, per se. I just want to clarify that reposts of articles that can be found elsewhere without critical comment aren't really blogs.

Thanks for your time and attention,


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Depends on the who's writing it. I wish some folks would write more and some others would write less, but censorship is far, far worse than a crappy post to endure. There's some regulars that I immediately check out and might even comment (like now), while there's some others I know to basically ignore. The rare gem is a new member's personal story that nails it (and then sadly might never hear from them again).
Too true on that last part. I do like a good blog on a personal 'atheist experience' within the context of their particular culture and demographic.
I totally disagree. I consider the blog part a good place to put news items that we should be aware of. I look to it for news bits as well so if there is a lot of news that day, not a problem. Richard must have listened to the request to lengthen the number of posts so things stick around longer to be seen. Not all of us are bloggers! Yes, I know there is a forum for news but the front page is more visible.
News items belong in the news group. Your "more visible" comment is extremely self-absorbed dunning krueger talk.

As of this moment Atheist News has 1752 members. I think that is enough people seeing your news item post when people who have not joined Atheist News still respond because they see it on the side bar. Show some courtesy.

Your "Not all of us are bloggers!" comment is quite amusing.
If you are not a blogger, don't blog.
That is truly laughable. I don't blog because I'm not a blogger. You are funny.
check out my home page and critique away!
it's a godless delight if I do say so myself. I aim to mindboggle in the blogosphere!
This needs to be a featured discussion. Howard has written the information politely and respectfully. One should have to read this and agree in order to join A|N
But I'm wondering if it wouldn't be a welcome courtesy if our more prolific bloggers (I could easily be among them, if I showed no restraint) could submit only one blog every 12 hours or so.

This is getting beyond a joke and should be a banning offense for serial offenders. Look at these -

One after the other. Cartoons that were old when Noah was a lad. Zero commentary. Nothing. And locked with the moderation option.

If I wanted to sabotage and vandalise a site like this, this is *precisely* what I would do. Flood the blogs with inanity. Push all the real content into oblivion. And this is in fact what theist vandals used to do a while back - it has been brought under control now. But it's not enough - there is nothing being done to control blog abuse at all. From what I know, the mods hands are tied in this regard. Meanwhile, the garbage just flows unabated.

The decline in average blog quality compared to 18 months ago is appalling. It used to be 95% high quality content, something to be proud of, and created a de facto set of expectations for people that wanted to post their own blog. But now that crud is allowed with a blind eye turned, every piece of inane crap has the "but everyone else is doing it" excuse. This is ruining the site as a whole. People do stop contributing because their efforts simply get drowned in crap.

It is way beyond a joke and only getting worse.
Wow. There's easier ways to ask me for sex. Thanks for your flattering words (it is nice to hear appreciation every now and then, I'm not all stone), but it's not a job for me at all. I endure enough accusations of secretly owning the place and all manner of other crimes, so the greater the distance between me and management the better. I will continue however be a pain in the ass with suggestions and will always be available for advice.

There are sites like this of all manner of interest that have survived for over a decade now and during that time one would have to assume that they have learned a thing or two. All it takes is the will for folks to pick up on their management techniques and enforce them. I have mentioned them repeatedly but there is squeamishness about not hurting people's feelings by applying them. Well, it's really too bad - we can either encourage quality contribution which, given a critical mass, does rub off on other posters and eventually the content quality becomes self-managing, or continue pussy footing around and ignoring things and head ever deeper into Myspace/Facebook territory. I personally feel enforcing some kind of quality minimum standard is the wisest course in the long term even if it does cause a short term level of discontent and exit of some members. The rot has got to stop.

I agree with all that you have said here, and I agree he would be great at the job, but
"...[felch] has excellent people sense and sensitivity..." has to be the funniest thing I've read in quite a while.

thanks for the smile
I'm the "S" in SNAG.
Aww, I'm nominated to be a blogsquelchoid (whatever that is)? Flattering!
This is his response to my politely asking him to show a bit of courtesy to others:




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