Howdy Folks, I am new here and I just thought I'd put out these nice points for everyone to enjoy. These points are nice things mentioned in my new book Tomorrow's World #1 by Steve Nelson. So Please enjoy these interesting items and take a few minutes to look up my site and enjoy there some story excerpts. Thank You All, Steve Nelson

Imagine a World where:
*Criminality & Other Hostile behaviors no longer plague Humankind…
*Humans Love, Respect & Work for Each Others Benefit. Thus Money is no longer required for Life, Liberty & Happiness…
*Disease no longer attacks the Human body…
*The creation of New Offspring no longer requires the destruction of the lovely human Female form…
*The Human Female no longer needs to endure a painful monthly ‘Curse’…
*Humans are of One basic bronze coloring. Thus eliminating any potential for Racial discord…
*The Human Male & Female form is carefully sculpted from the molecular level to ensure no deformities…
*Beautiful, Loving, Open Sex with Total Nudity is the norm of society…
*Religion no longer exists to SCAM Humankind with a False promise of mystical salvation…
*Real Science is made available for the limitless advancement of Humankind…
*Terms such as: Man, Woman, Young & Old no longer apply. Instead, Male, Female & for a time, ‘New Offspring’…
*The Human body can endure for hundreds if not Thousands of years until multiple system failures cause the system to crash…
*Male & Female Sexual equipment is enhanced for maximum pleasure & comfort…
*Every Human is Planned, Wanted, Accepted & Loved!...

This is the story of: Tomorrow’s World #1 by Steve Nelson
Just Google this book Title and Author Today! Please Enjoy!

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Welcome to Atheist Nexus, Steve!
Hey Thanks, Grundgetta. Is that your real photo? I like mupets too. I have always been a fan of Kermit The Frog, that's KTF. Anyway have a look at this. Ths is the first site that I'm sending out my new coverart and writeup for my newest book on. The 'Imagine a World Where' list applies in this one too. But here's the promo write up and nice pic. See what you and everyone thinks. Steve Nelson

Get set for Space Battles! & Desert Battles! Hot! Hot!! HOT!!! Passionate Lovemaking! & Fast Action! Get set for a DESERT TREK with the Beautiful & Loving Genetically Engineered Humans of the distant future! Planet Earth is a Desert but It Is Not Dead! Get onboard Today with your copy of: TOMORROW’S WORLD #2 DESERT TREK ! Available now for humans 18+ only, at:



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