In the better late than never category, a group of 20 imams (Islamic clerics) affiliated with the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada issued a fatwa (religious edict) yesterday declaring that "attacks on Canada and the United States by any extremist will be an attack on the 10 million Muslims living in North America." This is, as the document itself points out, "the first fatwa by the Muslim clergy declaring attacks on Canada and the United States as attacks on Muslims." As I mentioned earlier, better late than never. That being said however, this is an important document and a very large step in the right direction. Unlike earlier declarations which have simply condemned terrorist attacks, this one actually urges Muslims to take active measures against them. "It is a duty of every Canadian and American Muslim to safeguard Canada and the USA . They must expose any person, Muslim OR non-Muslim, who would cause harm to fellow Canadians OR Americans."

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Quick question: Does anyone believe a "council of christian clerics" would do the same?
Why wouldn't they? Lip-service costs nothing.
I've seen a lot of Christians condemn Westboro Baptist Church and other Christian extremists. I haven't seen a lot of Muslims speaking out against extremism. Some I think are afraid of repercussions, but others (phony moderates) have mainly been critical of people who were against Islamic extremism ("you're racist, you don't know anything about Islam", etc), but been evasive about actually condemning extremism itself. It's good to see some Muslims standing up to extremism already.




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