With the future ability to download our brain to a computer that has been predicted what would be the good and the bad of doing this?

I have my own thoughts on the matter.

One the transfer of perceptual consciousness. If you just downloaded your memories and thought patterns to a computer then you just copied yourself. You are still you and still in the same body. I think to transfer the actual perceptual you then you would have to slowly replace the brain with electronics that have the same ability to replicate your brain. Like replacing one neuron at a time with nano tech. Test each one over the process to make sure it is exactly duplicating the prior neurons function and so that the brain can't tell the difference between the original and the replacement. Eventually you will have replaced the whole brain with mechanical brain then able to modify yourself as you see fit all while your actual perceptual consciousness has stayed intact and not gone anywhere except become mechanical. At that point you could add processing power and speed at your will and even increase the neurons in an area to make you smarter. People loose the ability to learn new things quickly over time, thats because neural pathways are thinned out over time. When you practice something you start with a batch of neurons that trims down to just what is actually needed for the skill. But if you want to learn a new skill and most of your trimming has been done already then you should be able to add neurons to the area needed so you can learn that skill faster. Even better a nano-bot-neuron would be able to figure out what skill you are trying to use and just fire in the right direction with out having to prune back the rest that are not being used at that moment so you would be able to have an IQ of 300 if you wanted to.

Emotions since they are chemical would take a while. Since you would be without those chemicals then you would be completely logical until you had some program that could accurately simulate those chemicals and neuron firing patterns then you would have your emotions back. Probably you would need to be scanned for a few years for a learning computer to learn how your individual emotions actually work. Then that would be able to accurately tell you what you should be feeling and you would feel it like you did before with a bio-brain. Hopefully. I would want them to really get this one right before downloading my brain or doing any kind of transfer. Though if I was about to die in the next year or so then go ahead and sign me up if for nothing else than to be able to help further the science.

As for a computer brain if you had to be on a space ship for a thousand years you could bypass the down time by going to sleep and or shutting down until something interesting happened like any changes on the non-sentient sensors. I like this idea.

Well now that the physical aspect of it "taken care of" hypothetically anyway, we can move on to the psychological side of things.

I don't personally think that we are set up for immortality. Many people want to die before their own body gives out on them. I personally think that if we got to the point of being immortal that only a rare few of us would actually be able to handle it. Those that have an endless supply of curiosity or are driven by something would be the best candidates though you would have to have a very high degree of adaptability. But if your just living your life then stay mortal. I don't think that a "normal" psyche would be able to live long amounts of time without going insane. Just seeing things change without being adaptable would lend the person to want to die. But if you can be very adaptable and very curious then the wait might just be worth the knowledge to the person. Take myself for example, I have a limitless curiosity, if I can know something then I want to know it at this point. Also I adapted to being in a wheelchair in two weeks after I got shot. (If your curious about that then PM me.) I adapted to life in the military very quickly then back to civilian life just as fast if not faster. If things change I accept it and try my best to learn what ever I can from it. Also I would love to be able to do calculus in my head. (Right now that is over my head, I don't understand calculus at all yet.) With an electronic brain I could have a program do that for me. :)

Some people think that given long enough two people will fall out of love and it will go sour. I personally think that with some people this is true but others die if they loose their love of 80+ years of marriage. (My great-grand-parents had that one almost. 72 years of marriage I think.) So I think that this one is again subjective. Personally I don't have to be with someone to be happy. Though I am looking right now because it would be nice to be married and maybe have kids it is not my driving goal. My driving goal is to learn as much as I can so long as it is the truth. Not to mention if I fell out of love with a person then I would just tell them and really hope we could still be friends. I know not all love is forever, just look at the number of divorces. But some I think are and immortality would be a way to test that theory. Though some might not want to.

Certainly some people would become megalomaniacal thinking that they are immortal and CAN'T be killed, this would be a fallacy since you could be destroyed. This would be a problem. It seems to be in the nature of people to want to be better than someone else. They would see themselves as being faster, better, stronger, more logical, etcetera. I think some people cling to religion because of this, they view themselves as being spiritually superior and can hold themselves on some self perceived moral pedestal because they are going to heaven and your not. This one-up-man-ship is natural to humans as part of evolution. But we are now at the point where this survival mechanism is becoming a liability. If someone has this still then I don't think they would be suitable to become immortal. I have been trying to get rid of this trait in myself for sometime but I still get a sense of satisfaction when I prove a creationist wrong. I am trying to get this to the point of just acceptance instead of satisfaction and let things like learning give me the satisfaction I am looking for. (If anyone knows how to do this please PM me.)

Then there is job security and how long it would take to get seniority at something like 7-11. How long could you work under someone or doing the same job without going nuts? I get bored as hell when doing the same thing over and over. Being able to have fun is essential when doing anything repetitious and boring. But at this point we would have non sentient robots doing that anyway, I hope. To me I want to learn and have fun doing it. Some people however will just flat get bored and when your immortal you can die of boredom. Me personally I would want to be able to dream to alleviate the boredom at times or find something new to learn. Eventually I would run out of text books, video games, TV shows and I would start getting bored unless I could start building things. Dreaming I think would be a good way to get around this.

Well this all I can think of at this exact moment. If you have any ideas as to pros/cons/anything then please reply.

P.S. I seem to type a lot.

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