I never had strong family relationships or friendships to begin with. Believing in God did not help my family relationships. I never got anything out of it, so I stopped believing in God on 9/1/2005 19:32 (7:32PM) United States Eastern Time. Since October of 2010 I have chosen to live 2,200 miles away from my blood relatives since I never benefited from living near them. They all live in the U.S. states of Kentucky, New York, Ohio, & Wisconsin. I live in Cali all by myself.

My mom's friends have had the worst reaction to finding out I'm an anti-theist. Her one friend's husband remarked, "That's...not...good!" when I mentioned my atheism to him. They've all stopped sending me cards for my birthday, Thanksgiving & Christmas, and I don't feel hurt or upset about it. If religion is that utterly important to them it is better if they're outta my life.

In my area there are many blatantly religious people who wear rosaries with large crosses. I try to just shy away from them cuz obviously they'll never keep God to themselves. Someone on the Google+ Antitheist page suggested that I get a tattoo of an atheist symbol. I dislike tattoos. I'd prefer some sort of masculine atheist jewelry. If someone can suggest where I could buy some I'll gladly buy some when I can afford to.

To my knowledge, all the local atheist groups in my area are chock-full of 60+ year olds. This is NOT 2003 when I was seeking friends who are both Deaf AND blind who would naturally be 60+ years old. I need local friends my own age. My girlfriend/intimate partner absolutely positively MUST be my own age.

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I like t-shirts.  Cafepress has the best selection and quality that I have come across so far.


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