How do you think the catholics are going to deal with the film Spotlight winning the Oscar? I haven't seen it yet but have heard extensive discussions and it is pretty hard to refute the extent of the cover ups and complicity of the church. 

I hope to get a friend to watch it. He goes to the catholic church and I have pointed out to him that if he supports them with his attendance, he is complicit in the abuse. This winning the oscar is going to make it hard to ignore. 

Fun times ahead!

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The Academy has made political statements in the past with some of their Best Picture awards, and sometimes the winners had their own statements to make (Michael Moore).  It would be nice to believe that Spotlight winning would have an impact on the still-unresolved issue of priest child abuse in the US and elsewhere, but I don't buy it.  I mean, were there mass arrests of priests in Boston after the Globe published their article?  Not that I'm aware of, though Bernard Cardinal Law fled the country before he could be detained, and if any other of the church hierarchy have been called to task, I'm not aware of it.

For all the sturm und drang, the status quo of separateness maintains for those of the cloth, and until the general population rise up in anger against the perfidies committed against their children by these supposedly "holy" predators, that situation will continue to obtain.

Ultimately you're probably right, Loren, as far as any long-term results are concerned. It's just not likely in the cards that the Vatican would actually learn and change anything just because of this film. You can bet there are some pissed off Catholics though, and that's always worth something. Funny, so far there's no statement from the Vatican press about what a disaster for humanity this is or how decadent and Satanic Hollywood is. Maybe for once they're smart enough to know that any protesting would be too much.

Bertold, I don't really expect the Vatican to learn ANYTHING.  My hope, though badly strained, is that PEOPLE will come to learn something more of the horror that the survivors of priest child abuse went through, and more importantly, React To It, react by demanding police action, community action, some kind of response which addresses the ongoing perfidy (and make no mistake, it does continue).

What I do truly want is To See Priests Placed Under Arrest ... PUBLICALLY, to have them taken from their pedestals and treated as the ordinary citizens which they are, and tried and punished for the transgressions they have perpetrated on the society which had blindly trusted them.


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