1) Will or won’t the motion win 41 votes in the House Judiciary(?) Committee?

2) If it wins in the Committee, will or won’t it win 218 votes in the House?

3) Will or won’t impeachment by the House win a 2/3 vote for conviction in the Senate?

4) If the Senate GOP refuses to convict, will or won’t it win the Senate for Dems in 2020?

Is there more/

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I’m not betting.

Any action by the House toward impeachment, so long as the Senate is in red hands, would be a waste of time. Nancy Pelosi knows this, which is why her focus has rightly been elsewhere. That doesn't change the fact that the Mueller Report provides a roadmap for prosecution of Donald Trump, either now or in the future. At some level, Trump knows that ... and one of few truisms he has ever uttered is recorded by Mueller when Donnie admits, "I'm fucked." If he isn't impeached now, he'll be indicted later.

Damocles with the sword over his head had it easy, by comparison.

Heck, I forgot.

I’m also not signing petitions urging House Dems to impeach. That’s why I started this discussion.

Neither am I. Being the pragmatist that I am, I'm not interested in wasted action in a critical situation. I DO think that we need to anticipate future actions, so that Donald Trump is left with NO wiggle room, when all is said and done.

I want Trump to sleep uneasily, if he can sleep at all.

✳︎I would like to see Trump fulfill his first and only term as POTUS, and in the next election cycle, voters trounce him so thoroughly that he knows the American people do not want him messing in our political affairs.

✳︎I want charges brought against him for everything he did illegal as POTUS and that he receives jail time.

✳︎I want lawsuits brought against him personally for the harm he caused our nation and render him penniless, homeless, and family-less.

✳︎I want his sons to look at him and see the coward that he is and know him to be a selfish, vain, vindictive human being.  

✳︎I hope his wife leaves him before his fall and that she takes a big chunk of his money with her.

✳︎I hope someone writes a book about him describing him as he actually is.

✳︎I want people he harmed to reveal their names, the crimes committed against them, the consequences in their lives, and the ruthlessness of his business techniques.

✳︎I want citizens of the U.S. to say to him, "Your fired!"

Joan, consider yourself seconded on every last line item you listed, though I might add some detail which rather derives from those you gave us:

  • I want it understood from Addis Ababa to Zanzibar that the election of Donald John Trump to the presidency of the United States to be among the gravest, most monumental, and potentially disastrous mistakes the US ever made, that the man who was elected was no leader but a bully and a fool who initially thought he was out on an self-advertising campaign, then after he was elected, supposed that he could hoodwink the lot of us into believing he was in reality what he imagined himself to be or what he wanted us to think he was.
  • Certainly, I want Trump arrested, arraigned, tried, convicted and jailed.  I want him beset with civil suits, from former clients, wives, lovers, contractors, and subcontractors levied against him which will leave him beggared and penniless, with the understanding that he sowed the wind, and indeed reaped the whirlwind.  I want him made an example of what can result from ambition, egotism, greed, and an utter lack of empathy when the truth is made public for all to see.  I want Donald John Trump utterly, totally, irrevocably RUINED.
  • I want the citizens of the US to understand that THIS IS NOT HOW WE SHOULD EVER DO THINGS IN THE FUTURE, that voting based on personality or appearance or superficiality not only does not work, but can have the most dire consequences.  I want them to realize that they have a responsibility as citizens in this process to be informed and to understand, at least in part, what is going on with the dynamics of our country, and not to do so is to invite the very plague which Trump represents upon us.  George Santayana said it: Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it, and we can ill afford any more such mistakes.

Am I likely to get any of this?  Some, I think, though that last bullet point is the biggest ask of all of 'em.  When Trump enraged us, he ENGAGED us, or at least some of us, to the point of becoming more aware and involved in opposition to him.  Maintaining that engagement and involvement after Trump leaves the world stage may take some doing.  Plenty of people out there will be perfectly happy to go back to their own self-involvement, or at least those who were stirred out of it in the first place.  It is a physical fact that systems tend to their least excited state, and yeah, that includes people. 

Eternal vigilance IS the price of freedom.  Whether Thomas Jefferson ever said it or not isn't the point.  That is a fact, and the degree to which we recognize it is the degree to which we can remain free.




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