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I hadn't come around in awhile and just saw the new request for our payments or donations.  Ok, I'm fine with paying or donating (and I always have been).  However, at the same time, I do want to ask: is there any indication the site could get some improvements?  In the members area, minor examples:

- "Featured members" includes many people whose last activity was years ago.
- Under "advanced search", if one wants to find nearby members, one must choose whether to put in the full name of one's state or the 2 letter abbreviation (and there isn't much ability to control the output whether by proximity or gender or recent login or what).

I'm sure that people who use this site more than I do can better articulate some constructive site criticisms and requests for improvement, and I'd like to get back to paying to support the site, but I'm just saying it would be good if we could some indication that over the coming years there will be gradual improvement.

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