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What "news value"?
Exactly. It reminds me of how a rabbit is used in a dog fight (news about another sports scandal involving Michael Vick). Apparently, in some 'methods' a rabbit is thrown between the dogs who savage the rabbit - then the conflict 'spills over' so the dogs fight each other.

I saw a great response by a Buddhist - metta (closely akin to compassion) allowed the Buddhist to forgive even Brit Hume.
Wow. I don't even know what to say to that. What an inane and repugnant thing to say.

Can you imagine if, say, Fareed Zakaria had said that John Edwards should join the Islamic faith because Christianity doesn't teach the kind of obedience to God that is taught to Muslims? There would be a riot! People would be standing outside Ted Turner's house with pitchforks demanding Zakaria be fired.

Hume probably doesn't care at all about Tiger Woods as a person. He just wants to convert him because it would be like a trophy for the Christian community.
Please, Fareed is a journalist. Don't try and lump him in with Brit. ;^D
Yes ! Repent for your sins and all will be forgiven. Come on Tiger, it is very simple, this is how its done : All you have to do, is confess your sins, say couple of Hail Marys and it will all be forgiven. You good to go to do it all over again. Repeat as often as needed;0)
That's if you're Catholic. If you're Evangelical and don't believe in 'works', you don't even have to stop banging your groupies - just as long as its a menage-a-trois with Jesus (in your 'heart.') Hell, even an orgy is okay if Jesus is invited.
Yeah, cause Jesus is going to stop millions of scandal hungry Christian Americans from judging the hell out of his life.

*rolls eyes*

Give me a break.

Not that I'm into celebrity scandals... just saw the thread because of it's title... but if he needs to remain religious, remain Buddhist... at least they aren't trying to blow themselves up... or anyone else at the moment.
I found Hume's comments quite revealing. He's basically saying that Christianity allows one to be forgiven for whatever one does. Sounds a bit like psychopathy.
Classic! Great clip from John Stewart




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