The vast majority of those who deny climate change are Americans... religious Americans.
Notably so in the Evangelical sects of the US.

The issue is how to deal with them, their careless treatment of the planet, it's resources, etc.

I've found the following logic to work on occasion.
I've summarised it into a "passage" for easier reading. It also makes more sense to the religious in this form... for some reason.

(I don't believe in god... but the only thing that makes sense to these people is god and what their imaginary friend may or may not want... so I had to use that angle.)

"Did god not make trees flammable?
The waters taintable?
Why then do you believe his largest and greatest creation of all was not created equally as fragile?
Your life is a test. And this planet, gods house and greatest creation, is a part of that test.

Hell itself cannot enforce the level of fury god will show you when he sees what YOU have willingly done to his house... while arrogantly claiming you've done nothing."

Of course, feel free to throw up a little upon reading the "god" parts... I threw up a little writing them... unfortunately, I can't effectively deliver the message to them with "Who doesn't exist" tacked on to every sentence.
... they tend to catch on to you being Atheist that way.

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Ya lost me on dealing with 'C'hristians...
seems they gotta deal with the modern world, manipulate it, exploit the people and make legion with other fundamentalist religions for the good of their McMansions or sect hide-outs to rape their choice of human...
Perhaps the "end result" of climate change will be the "Armageddon" that the xtians keep saying is coming. Perhaps they were right afterall!

Really, maybe worldwide starvation/flooding/migrations will be a good thing in that it will get the world population down to a more sustainable level - while us smart atheists are hanging out in the mountains.
Perhaps the "end result" of climate change will be the "Armageddon" that the xtians keep saying is coming.

Not too far off. There are Xian groups seeking to hasten the 'end times.' Many more who genuinely believe it will happen in their lifetimes, are looking forward to it, and thus might have unconscious motivation to hasten it. Or at the very least, have the attitude "Why take care of the Earth? Jesus is coming next week to take us all away anyhow."

Of course, I've tried to use that rational that they should stop voting and worrying about who is president. Shockingly, their faith isn't that strong.




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