Is it wrong to remove the word 'god' from your cash? In God We Trust was first used on paper currency in 1957. What do you think about removing it?

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I used to cross out "God" and write in other gods, like Zeus or Thor. But, then I bought rubber stamps with E PLURIBUS UNUM. I have both the desk top pad and stamp and a portable stamper in my purse. I simply stamp over the offensive "in god we trust" and I'm ready to spend my "corrected" money. You can custom make your own stamp. Just go to any online stamp company. I got mine at Rubber Stamp Man. I think that crossing out "in god we trust" is a good idea. But, I also like to try to educate people. They might see E PLURIBUS UNUM and wonder what it means. Then they might look it up and realize that it was a more rational motto that pre-dated the religious fanaticism of the 1950s.
If it was only up to us and not 9 people in dark robes.

From Wikipedia:

The motto is opposed for a variety of reasons, but is still widely supported by Americans.[12] According to a 2003 Gallup Poll, 90% of Americans approve of the inscription on U.S. coins.[13] The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment states that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Critics contend that the motto's placement on money constitutes the establishment of a religion or a church by the government. The Supreme Court has upheld the motto because it has "lost through rote repetition any significant religious content"[14]; so-called acts of "ceremonial deism" that have lost their "history, character, and context".[15] In such related decisions as Zorach v. Clauson, the Supreme Court has also held that the nation's "institutions presuppose a Supreme Being" and that government recognition of God does not constitute the establishment of such a state church as the Constitution's authors intended to prohibit.
Removing it? No way! It would deal a serious blow to French culture and economy.
Right now, I really wish I could read French.
We could take it off the way we tacked it on. Just change it next time we make new printing plates. There's not law or order making "In God We Trust" legally bound to our currency.

Until then I'm quite content with blacking it out and writing "E Pluribus Unum."
Actually, the house made it law in 1955 to have " In God We Trust" as the official motto for ALL currency, so they would need to make a new legislation to void it out.
In 1955? I guess it's thanks to McCarthy. Methinks this law in anticonstitutional, isn't it? Couldn't it be simply voided by bringing the case to the Supreme Court?
You're right, Dentro. I would just add that in 1864 "In Dog We Trust" was placed on a 2-cent UNION coin. Does it thus not apply in the South?
You can not serve both God and Mammon. - Matthew, 6:24

Mammon, as you may already know, is a biblic personnification of greed and wealth, i.e. the god of greed and wealth. So, what about giving the 'dollar god' his real name instead of removing it completely? That would give American Christians an opportunity to think about their real values.

I think Matthew 22:21 should read like this:
Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, to God what is God's, and to Mammon his dollars

It's more accurate, and it rhymes, too.
It's very simple. Return to what the Founding Fathers clearly wanted. Twice (early 1776, and early 1787 shortly before our Constitutional Convention) they specified the mottoes they wanted on our currency. Look up "Fugio currency". Three mottoes:
(1) "WE ARE ONE" (in English, not Latin)
(2) The sun shining on a sundial (=time) and the word FUGIO (Latin for "I flee"). Together, "Time Flies".
I used to like the rock band Pillar more than I do now....but that was before I *really* started listening to their lyrics.......I mean, I always knew what they said, but it never occurred to me before that they might be offensive:

lyrics from "Indivisible" by Pillar:

The other day I saw the news somebody else complaining
They want the motto taken off of the Benjamin Franklin
They got a problem with my God and that I believe in it
But they don't got a problem with the money when they spend it
They're so offended by 4 words that need no explanation
In GOD we trust the motto of this greatest nation
Not just a motto but something that we truly believe
If you don't like it you can pack a bag and you can leave

What a bunch of fucking DOUCHEBAGS....

"if you don't believe what i believe than get out of this country". Hello, hi, meet me, the American Soldier. I am one of those ones you referred to who gave you the right to even argue. I don't fight for YOUR freedom to IMPOSE HEGEMONY and RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGY on other people; I fight to give all Americans the freedom to worship as their INDIVIDUAL conscious dictates.

"why do they get so upset, it's just 4 little words, that's all"

well, if I said "FUCK THE BIBLE GOD", you'd know how they feel, I suppose.

"they still spend the money even with the message on it"

UM....YEAH....if we DON'T, how will we eat and pay our bills and take care of our homes and family? Jackasses....

Maybe what we should do is petition Congress for *Special* money that has no religious message on it. Yeah. That'll happen. Better just stick with Nano's idea and cover it with a permanent marker.
I just ink out god and write reason in its place.




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