Not sure if everyone has seen this yet, but I saw this article from American Atheists and it made my blood boil. I've already written my Congressional Representative, but I won't be stopping with that.


In god We Trust - American Atheists

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I'm not sure if we aren't already a theocracy.
Yes this is absurd, an endorsement of religion, or rather god, any god... there is nothing redeemable about this vain slogan.
... I think I've got it, what do you call a system of government that contains both theocratic and plutocratic elements? Conservative (in Canada) Republicanism (in the USA). God under this system are those who lurk in the shadows and have the power, the cipher keys, to create money with a few key strokes. God is the all-seeing-eye at the top of the pyramid... they are telling us through their occultist/kabbalic symbolism that they are as 'gods' and consider themselves a separate race from humans - they think themselves superior and by denying us access to true information, they effectively become our masters. They, the elite, believe they have the divine right to rule. Rule they do using Machiavellian machinations, as tyrants, not as the enlightened masters they consider themselves; they are NOT enlightened and not to be imitated.
They might as well stamp "we are idiots" on everything.

I do this all the time:

take all of your money (paper) and take a pen. scratch out the in god(s) we trust and print in 


do this on all your $$$s.

this corrects the constitutional corruption of our money.

if everyone started doing this we could change it.

but if no one is willing to do the constitutionaly justified subversion then

we will continue to have this on our $$s.


making a rubber stamp is a great idea...just make it E PLURIBUS UNUM 

You could even potentially track the bills to a limited degree using the Where's George? currency note tracking website: Where's George?

This was posted to another forum, but I see no harm in repeating it:


That is a link to the Secular Coalition for America to write your Congressperson regarding the bill currently in Congress to confirm the use of "In God We Trust" as the motto of the United States.  Please use it to contact your rep soonest!

Until we get better organized no one will listen. Athiest must unite. do we get a bunch of sepratists, anarchists, individualists, and "back yard" philosohers to agree on what "we" should do?

thats the prob.

its as bad if not worse than religious sectarianism. too many views that conflict and too many people not willing to suck it up and get along.

trolls and Poes on places like youtube are not helping iether. all they want to do is fuck with people just for the sake of starting an argument just so they can call you a "weak ass, non thinking food tube" or something and feel like they have accomplished something.

its not easy to herd cats.

, especially when some are just ratass bastards that just want to start a fight.

I wrote the following to my Congresscritter who is a pretty good progressive.

H. Con. Res. 13, introduced by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) was approved last week by voice vote in the House Judiciary Committee.  The resolution would affirm "In God We Trust" as the official national motto.
The motivation for the motto in 1954 was a knee jerk reaction spurred on by the Cold War and the “Godless Communists”. It was inappropriate at the time and remains so today. It flies in the face of reason that “in God We Trust” should be the motto for a secular government.
The original motto, “E Pluribus Unum," - "Out of Many, One."  highlights the spirit of a democratic nation and it doesn't exclude the 25%+/- of the population who are Atheists, Agnostics , have no religious affiliation or are members of religions that do not recognize a supreme being (Buddhism, Wicca).
Although I have little doubt that the resolution will pass, I urge you, as a matter, of principle to not support it.
Thank you for your consideration.
Jim DePaulo

We're back to the cold war and the motivation that prompted the inclusion of that as our National Motto. Have you seen the vignette, Values We Can All Believe In?



I just emailed my representative. I am from Vermont, one of, is not the, most "nonreligious" state in the Union. I would be very surprised if he were inclined to support the resolution.




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