story about a county courthouse putting "In God We Trust" over the front door.

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I could understand if an old public building bears such or similar inscription chiselled in stone for posterity but it's incredible that a sign or notice is being put on a public building now in 2013.

Hey, it's a court house! What is there about "god" that goes on there? Why should "In God We Trust" be posted over the entrance? Is "god" the judge there? Maybe he's one of the attorneys. You tell me.

But the entire American legal system is based on principals from the Christian Bible, you might say. Oh, you might be right. Two women were fighting over the same child, each claiming to be the child's mother. Wise old Solomon had the child cut in half, effectively solving the problem.

Now that's the American way!

Nothing "God" goes on in a courthouse since in both civil and criminal cases, juries decide on facts, not belief.  Belief is not evidence, and a witness who says, "I believe this happened....." is giving a jury no evidence, not even a scintilla (speck).  To the contrary if the witnesses says, e.g. "I saw Joe hit Bob with a baseball bat."  Even circumstantial evidence is more than belief: "I saw Joe with a baseball bat as the ambulance was taking Bob to the hospital."  KEEP GOD OUT OF COURTS!

Given the barriers religion poses to progressive movements of civilization, perhaps it should read, "In God We Rust," so all you would have to do is remove the "T."

That's closer to the truth considering their "prosperity gospel."

The sad thing is, I'm not surprised. Bible thumping, tambourine banging, "Loves Me Some Jesus" types appear to be taking over local and state governments in the former confederacy.  Anti-intellectual, ignorance promoting public policy seems to be the watchword. Bill Maher had a take on this last Friday, commenting on the case of Citizens United, and the influence of unrestricted political donations to purchase an entire state legislature.

The problem (and with that I think the cause) is that these people know more about their bible than they do about their country!  No one ever taught them about the Treaty of Tripoli or Article VI of the Constitution (particularly Paragraph 3!) or the letter Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist association.  Worse, all they have around them are other christians - no jews, no muslims and certainly no atheists, and they are as likely to wander outside of their comfort zone about as soon as I'm likely to slit my own throat.

These people take indoctrination to a whole new level ... which is what makes them so dangerous.

I can tell you it has been my experience that people take their religion into the courthouse all the time.  They make decisions all the time based on their religious beliefs.  Remember, George Zimmerman in the interview on Fox News said that his killing of Trayvon Martin was "God's plan."  I think his jury agreed with him.


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