'IN GOOD WE TRUST' says Moscow Humanist billboard

There are no Reds in this Moscow... unless you count Idaho red potatos.


There's a new Humanist billboard in town. At least there is if you live in Moscow, Idaho. Last week the American Humanist Association (AHA) unveiled it's latest billboard, fifth in a series that's appeared in the small Idaho town since last year. It's got a new design too; featuring the image of a quarter but with one small difference from the one small difference from the kind you might find in your pocket. Where the original has the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST." this one reads, "IN GOOD WE TRUST." (more here)




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Oh very clever indeed!!!!!
I LIKE it!
Yay Idaho! You're good for more than potatoes, dirt, and skinheads!
I went to college in Pullman, immediately across the border from Moscow. And I had no idea Moscow so progressive! Must be some conglomeration of two college towns right next to each other - they bring out the intelligence, right? :-)




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