When people don't understand something,they attribute its origin to god.It's a human tendency to relate things and find an explanation for events happening around them but with most when it comes to god they stop at it and are not willing to question further either due to fear or being unsure and falling short of an explanation.
If we go a couple of centuries back and compare the progress of science then with now,its really amazing.We take cell phones for granted and some may find its working procedure as obvious as the rising of the Sun but just imagine how people must have felt a couple of centuries back if you told them that such a thing could exist.
There are still many phenomena which humans cannot explain and there will always be many such phenomena.It just shows how insignificant we humans are and how vast and amazing our Universe is.

Here are some such yet unexplainable feats which nature performs.


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After having read your mindopenerz I will reveal that I used to study such things. I'm that type of person that just "has to know" or just has to "be able to explain." It has taken me many years to understand that there are many things we just do not and cannot know - at least at this present time. Much of this might be why I am atheist today, but here is the real secret to understanding phenomena. All phenomena is like a circle. No matter where you enter into the study of that phenomena, you will travel in a circle until you are once again at your starting point. All humans are at different points or areas along that circle.

There are many unexplained fascinating things yet to be explained  That's what keeps scientists interested and working.  I think there will be an almost unlimited amount of new things to be discovered in this astounding universe.  That's why I would like to live forever.

However it appears most or all of the things in that article have been found to have a natural explanation that doesn't involve aliens.  Now, I think it's an almost certainty that there are other intelligences in the universe that are much further advanced than us, but so far, the evidence that they've visited earth is lacking.

Here's explanations for two of the items in that article that many people attribute to aliens.  It looks like the Klerksdorp spheres are not nearly as perfect as claimed, and the Baigong Pipes were formed naturally in tree roots.  There are other claims by the believers that are also false.


Science can also prove the following.

It is reasonable to believe there was a Big Bang.

Since 2003 and the BVG proof it seems reasonable to most, that all universe theories had a beginning.

Most Physicist believe there was nothing before the universe began.

No one knows how the universe went from nothing to something.

If electromagnetism varied within 10 to the 39th power there could be no life

If gravity varied within 10 to the 50th power there could be no life.

If the weak force constant varied within 10 to the 50th power there could be no life.

If the initial explosion of the Big Bang varied within 10 to the 60th there could be no life.

It is virtually impossible (10 to the 193 power) for a functional protein to create itself.

The probability that our low-entropy universe could have created itself was calculated to be 10^10^123.  A double exponent.  Written out our universe would have a hard time holding that number.

No Intelligent, top Astro Physicist, that does not have an agenda, does not disagree with any of these calculations.  (except of course the biology calculation, unless of course they saw the math)

There is scientific evidence for a soul based on life after death experiences. How else can you explain a blind person, his entire life, describing the room he died in when he came back? Some of the best scientific journals in the world have done studies.

There is mounds of proof of miracles, even scientifically.

There is more proofs for the existence of God now than anytime in the history of mankind. To deny the following is to deny science. Or is this the science you would like to ignore. Or the fact that the catholics gave us the university system, Gregor Mendel, The Big Bang theory and too many Scientific advances to count in the past history.




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