In the 21st Century, People Are Still Having Discussions Like This?!

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these people are arguing from a damaged and outdated premis. the premis that "metaphysics" is real.

these folks should not be given a public forum like that and given credence for there opinions. they should be in a mental hospital along with all the other victims of delusional thinking.

Hear!  Hear!  You must explain to them that "meta" means beyond and that "physical" means...well, subject to the laws of physics.  None of the miracles is without scientific explanation.  Once these madcaps take a course in logic some see the Light.  Post hoc reasoning, appeal to authority, straw men, and other fallacies are the bedrock of belief; there is no place in reasoning for any of them.  A caveat, though, my friend: the side favoring dogma over fact, myth over reason, cannot be defeated.  Unless they are trying to alter the political landscape, they're not worth arguing with.
I once got into a fight with a patron who insisted that metaphysics was a science.  He wouldn't believe me that it wasn't.  When I told him we had no such books he asked for the science section.  He probably thought I was lying.

Fifty years ago, John F. Kennedy spoke directly to the point regarding his catholicism and his determination that it NOT be a factor in his presidency.  Now with the tendency of religion to polarize even more so, I note that the candidates themselves are far less likely to disavow their faith as an active factor in their proposed governance or decision-making processes.  Indeed, George W. Bush did more public embracing of his beliefs regarding his actions as president than any other chief executive I can think of ... one of multiple reasons why I could throw him further than I would ever trust him.

In a culture and environment where religious expression is all but de rigeur for politicians, how can we remind them that This Is NOT JUST A CHRISTIAN NATION ... or a Mormon, Jewish or non-believing nation ... and if we do remind them, can we expect any reassurance that they'll actually listen?

I'd say you were preaching to the choir, bro ... but I wouldn't want to be insulting!  [wry grin!]
A corner preacher.
where is it written, that if you don't like religion you're somehow disqualified as a legitimate american?!
It's called the tyrany of the majority.  A majority of Americans believe in a supernatural being or personal savior or "God."  Because they are a majority they can harbor the illusion that they are right and we are wrong.  Can you imagine someone running for president thinking she has a ghost of a chance responding in the Nietzschean to a question what "faith" she professes.  It is a qualification for office by de facto public will.  The sappy thing about the Mormons and evangelicals going at it again?  You and I know all of them are nuts.




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