In the hustle of life, the world shrinks. HS Teacher moves over porn-star past 2x.

The district is not releasing the teacher's name, but multiple media outlets reported she is Parkway North High School science teacher Tera Myers


She's done only good for our futures by teaching science; impressionable grade level too.

My science teacher of note was a wise man, passionate and separated politics/religion by being over the top funny about who jacked off where at who's party etc.. No holds barred; that's science. How ironic.


Guess all bets are off in regards to the kid's brain being concentrated on his studies... hardy har.

feelings, thoughts, opinions on the article?


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The real reason this should be a story is that for some reason, it was thought appropriate for her not to continue teaching this year.  Why should it matter what her way of earning money was in the 1990s?  I'm just astonished at the things some people think are sufficient reason for firing someone or for suspending someone or, in this case, for putting someone on administrative leave.  Why in the world would anyone *care*?




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