Jon Stewart shows again the hypocracy of Fox News.

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The hypocricy is there in more ways than one and it's more than just Fox News. Christians at large worldwide want to claim that any violent act cannot be "Christian." The person that did this was not a real Christian, etc. Even the guy that kills abortion doctors was "not a true Christian" but this identification depends on who you talk to. Wikipedia says there are over 41,000 Christian denominations worldwide and that was a 2012 article. Yes, they all have the same basic "faith" but little differences here and there help start up other groups.

So the Norway shooter said he was a Christian. Leave it to the fundamentalist right in America to argue this point. I don't see it upsetting others in world news reports, but then Fox News claims the military shooter was bad in this country because he had "Allah" on a business card. This is because Allah is a false god and the only true god is the one the fundamentalist right believes in. Maybe the Norway shooter will fit in there somewhere with the 41,000 denominations. Even if he does no American Christians will claim him. The simple facts are that nobody knows what's in the other person's mind and that is the point entirely. Your religion resides in the realm of your mind.

This being said, it scares the holy hell out of me!

We have to remember that these same nutjobs tend to claim that the catholics (no rookies when it comes to torture and murder) aren't "real christians" either. But of course all of us atheists are complicit in the crimes committed by the likes of Stalin and Mao.




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