I offer this bit of levity for the Mass of Christ, which is alternately known in my house as "X-Mess."

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Heh. Great minds, and all that. I also call it "Xmess".
Just an FYI, my anti-virus software flagged the site that image is hosted on as being a threat (several trojans were detected).
Seriously? Because the image was uploaded to this site.

Or... were you just joking (re: Trojans, aka condoms). If so, Hahahaha!
I wasn't kidding. When I click the image link, it shows the file being hosted at http://ap.ning.com. However, if I just highlight the link, it shows it being hosted by Atheist Nexus. Weird.
Atheist Nexus uses Ning software to run the site.
I for one knew this. But I do not know how they get the do-dads unless by paying a bit extra. The bells and whistles. Alas, I cannot even design a site at ning. Boo hoo.
Do dads? Could you use a less technical term, please? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Heh. Will you post a copy when you're done?
Ha ha!!



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