In UK the modern day tech smashing walls of child abuse down... Vatican yer going down.

((((no wonder the priests are hating on apps and tech so consistently...)))))

"Actions of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and preventative campaigns regarding the use of the internet, social networking etc is resulting in more complaints which are being followed up rigorously."

He added that "improved technology is providing evidence of internet offences" for example of offences of child sex abuse.

It has also emerged that a significant number of people on the Sex Offenders Register in Wales failed to comply with the requirements of the register.

This includes not notifying of a change of address, going abroad and not returning, failing to register on release from prison within required period and use of the internet in breach of court condition.

The Acpo spokesman added: "Part of the reason for the increase in 'failures to comply' is due to a zero tolerance approach and better links between police, prison and probation services which allows 'failures to comply' to be identified very quickly and actioned on."

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It's easy to cheer when the target is the Catholic church or child molesters. But the power to track, to spy, to pull up things said in private or in the heat of the moment covers everyone. It's not just molesters.

People cheered the alleged effect of electronic media in 'Arab spring', but as recent reports from Google and Twitter have borne out, the US and other 'democratic' governments have leaned on these services to 'out' people more than the despotic dictatorships. In a recent case in the US, the government successfully demanded full access to a 'occupy' member's deleted tweets, over a period of months.

The enemy of your enemy is not your friend.


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