Defined by webster (n) stimulus,motive.

Manufacturing left the USA under the watchful eyes of the US Congress and Government officials.This created joblessness,unemployment which may have led to an increase in crime by Them and Us.

It seems that this has not been addressed.It may never be.It sure would screw up the Incentives.

We speak to the poor wages in the third world countries by these Giants.Death by starvation and poor working conditions.Destroying the environment.

One thing it has done is let the USA spread the God Virus.Between corporate and religious Giants to the poorer countries.And, we are going to have a difficult time cleaning up the Missionaries messes .Especially in places like Uganda.

Let create some discussion.


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I remember when we had "missionary minds" and wanted to get the people in third world countries to stop breast feeding their babies. It was much better to get the women to use the powdered formulas we were giving them. All you had to do was mix it with water. We had forgotten that most of their water was not fit to drink.




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