then carries her head into the police station. 


India is no place to be female.  "This month India topped the Thomson Reuters Foundation poll as the worst place to be a woman among the top 19 economies in the world. The foundation cited abuse, killings and discrimination on a scale unparalleled in the other developed nations."


So much for the land of Mahatma Gandhi, who said ""I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."  Apparently, nonchristians are not very Christlike either.



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I dont care if the number of her sex partners was triple digit, there is no honor in snuffing out her life./

The indirectly related video was also interesting. It seems that in India it makes financial sense to abort or kill females and invest in males.

Of course it makes financial sense.  Girls require a dowry when they are married off and they don't hang around to take care of the family, most specifically the male head of the family.  Boys hang around, may join the family business and support the patriarch in his old age.

Narcissus himself couldn't be more self-absorbed.

I wonder what effect that will have on demographics in the future.  A society with a shortage of females (or excess of unattached males) can't be stable. 

This is apparently happening right now in rural China, where there are hordes of young man reaching adulthood with no prospect for marriage.  Some can be absorbed as slaves working for Foxconn, and others might have unfortunate accidents as conscripts serving in the army.  But what about the rest, who survive and pine away the lack of capacity for forming families of their own?

South Korean men are importing brides from Cambodia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.   

You are probably right about the historical jesus.  Most of what I have read even casts doubts on the historical Nazareth.  Without Nazareth it's hard to have Jesus of Nazareth.  Plus the birth story with the census is not supported by history.  People on nexus have argued back and forth regarding the scholastic arguments, but in the end I think there isnt the evidence for the jesus character.  Probably an urban legend of his time, just like Sasquatch is today.




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