Indiana Republican Bill to Control Star Spangled Banner


What non-issue next?  This state bill in Indiana, pushed by republican state Sen. Vaneta Becker, seeks to control how the Star Spangled Banner is sung in schools and universities.  Musicians or singers would be subjected to fines if they don't meet the state-mandated style and performance.

It will be difficult.  The Star Spangled Banner is difficult to sing well.


Any suggestions for the next most creative law?   We gotta keep our legislators busy.  Who knows, she might be the next Rick Perry.

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China continues to surge toward being the world's #1 economy. The Large Hadron Collider in Europe is leaving the US behind in particle physics research. The US has to depend on Russia to get our  astronauts into space. US are bridges, along with much of our infrastructure, are crumbling. And, American students are near the bottom of the industrialized world in math and science scores. Hmmm, how can we reverse this?

Yeah! Phony patriotism!! And, all the while ignoring reality and the challenges that go with facing reality. That'll get the job done! Now, where did I put my "We're #1" foam hand with extended finger?

Exactly - wave the flag of freedom while passing a law to control "free" speech regarding a song about the flag!  long live Orwell!  Wait, he's dead.

That's probably the version that they want to prevent in Indiana, so it's a good point!




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