I can't link using my tablet, but the news is on multiple sites. The state of Indiana passed a religious freedom law that many believe will legalize antigay discrimination.

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Well duh, it's the early 18th century!

So when are the Terlet Paper Party aficionados going to bring back the pillory....just for starters?

At least we already have Scarlet "A" pins which we can wear openly, thanks to Richard Dawkins.

Does the law also cover fundie/Craplick pharmacists who refuse to sell any type of contraceptives?

I did read in Daily Kos that a San Francisco company that recently bought out an Indiana company is seriously talking about moving the head office out of the state, and other groups are cancelling conventions and meetings that had been schedules for Indianapolis.

What about live touring companies of Broadway shows?  Indiana and Ohio used to have some of the best live entertainment in the Midwest.  Been there, seen that.

This is NOT "religious freedom," it's the exact opposite.

PS: Also from Daily Kos, some crazy Arizona state legislator has introduced a bill that would REQUIRE everyone to go to church on Sundays, whether they want to or not.  How would that affect people whose Sabbaths are on Friday or Saturday?  Not to mention atheists?

I have a feeling the Terlet Paper Party is going to self-destruct if they keep this up....the sooner the better.

I can't imagine a Xian "scientist" studying to become a licensed pharmacist in the first place.  I guess one might apply for some kind of clerking job...working the cosmetic counter, or just ringing up sales, but NEVER dispensing prescriptions.

They would more likely try for a job in a "health" food store...if at all....selling useless nostrums and herbs.

(I knew several of Mary Baker Eddy's victims when I was younger.  When we played Mexico City, one of them drove us all crazy by repeating "it's all in your mind" whenever anyone got the "turistas."  The other was the wife of one of my father's fraternity brothers; she developed breast cancer, would only have a "practitioner" come pray over her, and eventually committed suicide because she wouldn't take ANY type of pain-killer, not even aspirin, which wouldn't have helped, anyway.  It was distressing for everyone around her.)

The whole world has went crazy with stupid laws these days mostly because the believer has no other place to go. Defeated at every turn, they now resort to attempted law making and the elected officials go with it to insure the vote.

I can imagine a law requiring everyone to go the church and Sunday school. Wouldn't that be wonderful? The last attempt close to this was the blue laws and not buying alcohol on Sundays, or not being able to buy it until church was out. How stupid! If they really want to convert people how about claiming that you can drink your beer in church every Sunday.

Blue laws were still in effect in Philadelphia when we played there in 1967.  It was VERY inconvenient for travelers staying in hotels.  No open dining rooms, no room service, practically no effing audience, but we still had to go out there and put on a show.....for nobody.

When I was living in Chicago Heights 6 years ago they wouldn't sell beer on Sunday until 12.

Missouri was always like that but most of it is gone now. I think the law has changed but a few die hard clerks swear it's still true--gotta wait til 12. Along with that law beer on Sunday could only be 3.2 % alcohol. That went out as most of America went to a 4% or more beer. Today the 5% beer is back and you can get much higher alcohol also. Most beer above 5% gives me a headache.

If they really want to convert people how about claiming that you can drink your beer in church every Sunday.

Or give out free weed at the Church of Cannabis!


why exactly was Pense surrounded by monks and nuns when signing the bill?

Was he?  I thought the actual signing was strictly private...very few witlesses.

Sneaky PR, I guess.  Trying to impress his base.

Well, if society puts restrictions on changing times isn't it time to boycott cultural norms? Those people and institutions that discriminate against gays or atheists can be sidestepped. We don't have to trade at grocery stores, department stores, service stations, bakers, wedding planners and restaurants and places that discriminate. 

We don't need them. Well, we do need utilities, phone service, garbage collection, but then, I don't think they would be included. 

If the law comes after atheist or gay gatherings, we have a case that would go to the Supreme Court; oh yes, we have one of these, Alito, Thomas, Scalia, Roberts, Kennedy to win over. I guess Kennedy is the one to go after. 

How many times have I said it?  Your right to swing your religious beliefs about Ends At My Nose!!!

If this is how they want to play, I'm sure there are fundy flower shop owners, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers who will get all the bigoted business there is out there.  Meantime, the open-minded shopkeepers don't ask because it's not a priority for them and serve the people who come in their door Because They Are About Service!!!

With any sort of luck, the bigots will either find their business hurting or under water, once the word gets out ... which is fine with me.




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