The first two videos here are disturbing.

The third is eqypt 30 years ago when it was more secular.


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It is possible to edit your original post. It would be less confusing to add the link there. :)

Ok, off to watch them.
I tried twice to edit , third time i thought i would put it in the comment section, sorry for the confusion.
Thanks Paola for sharing this.
Yes it is utterly disturbing, and these are only examples. I know several families (my cousin's included) who actually -encourage- their children to watch Touyour Al Jannah as an alternative to 'irresponsible' media. You'll also see very few people condemning videos like the child preacher's because they're not supposed to be critical of religion, no matter how nauseating the content might be.
You can see that both the little girl and the little boy become angry individuals from the very start of their life journey. Very sad!
Yes, this is very disturbing. It reminds me of something that happened very recently in India.
An Indian couple decided not to label their child. Their wish was plain and simple - let him grow up and decide what he wants to be.
Unfortunately, in this wonderfully "secular" country, parents are required to fill the field marked "religion" on every child's birth certificate. Therefore, even before a child is given a name, he must be labelled under a religion.
The parents decided that 'none' would be an apt response to the information required on the certificate. Since then, they have been the target of endless criticism and debate.

If only there were more people with such forward ideas of parenting.....
That just encourages people to lie, i remember when my husband and I were to be married in a catholic church, because my husband was born a protestant, the priest said he would only marry us if our children were christened catholic. We both said, yes, yes, knowing that we would never introduce religion to them of any kind.
I'm curious why you got married in a church if you are both against indoctrination. I appreciate that people receive pressure from the families to have a formal wedding but it would be nice to see religious weddings go away.
I was 19 at the time, my italian parents were not very religious, but they did send me to a catholic school, i really thought it was more because i could have my sister's old school uniform. hahahaha
I was christened there,I had holy communion there, i was confirmed there, i guess at the time we didnt know we could marry any other way;)
I would not marry in a church if i had to do it again.
I was married in a church also. Methodist, and it was pretty much to keep from upsetting the family status quo.
This was a fairly brave couple. Im sure they saw the controversy on the way.
The first video I am curious what the lyrics of the song are, honestly. All I got from it is that the woman decided to wear a hijab after seeing her friend happy with a man and a child being more pious than her. Then as soon as she puts it on, her boyfriend decides he wants to marry her?

The second is what is disturbing to me. A young child should be focused on living and enjoying life, not death.




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