So this site where you can build a bunch of stuff (like legos) has a forum, and often times a religious arguement will start. Take a look at the atheist children's comebacks and the theistic ones. And yes, I do have an account there. I also apologize if any of the tried humor or witty remarks are terrible-most of them are still pretty young.


Luckily there are a couple hundred atheists here too so if a religious arguement sprouts in a game I luckily won't be completely drowned in stupidity.


Sad thing is there are many theist children too to counter it-much more. You can take a look at their group and their wall by going to "people" and clicking "groups" then searching christians. This really gets me down seeing them multiply like this ):





P.S. I know there's a rule about sponsoring companies and spamming and stuff, but this isn't bent on making people join the site-I doubt adults would enjoy this game anyway. If a moderator still finds this unacceptable, then I apologize, please delete it if you must.

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