Two infants, ages 1 and 2, were stabbed to death by their 28 year old mother and 21 year old friend in an exorcism performed in Germantown, Maryland.  Two other children were seriously injured in this apparent effort to cast out Satan and his minions.

And who says it's just tribal societies that murder witches and cast out demons in the name of their god?

Let the religious hits keep a comin'.

Story here and here.

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Tragedies like this are why I think that even mainstream moderate religionists are culpable in crimes of the extremists.  When irrationality is made socially acceptable and demands tolerance, when faith is widely seen as a virtue rather than the appeal to ignorance that it is, when social services and law enforcement have to turn a blind eye in the name of 'religious freedom', when belief by parents or politicians or any authority figures in magical invisible beings is somehow considered 'normal' rather than a mental illness, we will continue to have atrocities perpetrated by those who believe the bullshit a little more than do most.

Moderate mainstream religionists may be no direct threat -- they're merely dishonest in picking & choosing which tenets to which they wish to adhere.  It would be easy to just put them in the category of used car salesmen if they didn't hold so much sway.  It's the honest true believers (and also the cynical users) who are the direct problem.  But the moderates make craziness socially acceptable and give it the platform from which to operate.  Hitch was right -- religion poisons everything.


Ted, I think you nailed it. We can all point fingers at the extremists, and no one really disagrees when we do so. However, it's the moderates who give the extremists cover. "Well, we don't mean to kill people, but faith is a virtue." Really?! The same faith that the mother had who turned a nursery into a slaughter house? Moderates give cover to the extremists by adopting the same delusions. The moderates may not take them to the phase of slitting a throat. True enough. But, when they condone the same delusion as the throat slitters, they're accessories before, during, and after the fact. 

Very dangerous to be unwanted! Brainless parents who keep the babies coming and then think up excuses to torture the children and get rid of them.

People have no sense! If the murdered children are possessed of anything it's probably a bad diaper. Then you have nutjobs like this that must want to spend the rest of their lives apart from others. It makes no sense at all!

But my mother used to tell me when she was alive that things like this happening "proved we were in the last days" and that the "devil would be stronger at that time." What it proves to me is that we have more nutjobs coming along ever since we lost the right to decipline our own chilren. That makes the nutjobs stronger at this time!

And yet the religious right would force women to give birth no matter the cost.  This disconnect astonishes me.  A young woman who is being forced, right now, to lie in a hospitial bed, while being kept alive by life support.  Against the wishes of her husband and parents because she's 12 weeks pregnant.  Another religious hit as Pat said.

You see the disconnect everywhere in the lives of xtians. Almost funny was the woman I saw demonstrating against abortion in an astrakhan coat: that is the fur made from the skin of aborted lambs.

I thought this story was just tragic.  I also thought it was tragic that they are actually being examined to determine their sanity, as belief in devils and exorcism doesn't automatically make them insane.

Very very sad.




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