Two infants, ages 1 and 2, were stabbed to death by their 28 year old mother and 21 year old friend in an exorcism performed in Germantown, Maryland.  Two other children were seriously injured in this apparent effort to cast out Satan and his minions.

And who says it's just tribal societies that murder witches and cast out demons in the name of their god?

Let the religious hits keep a comin'.

Story here and here.

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Pat, may I strongly recommend that you forward those stories to YouTube member ConversationWithA, for his series, What Religion Has Contributed to the World This Month.  Much as I recently lamented the well of material he has for his work, I figure that so long as that well exists, people should know about it.

Good catch, bro!

unholy jesus h christ.  what a godawful world we live in.  i don't have words for this.  

Praise the lord jeezbus!

This is why many classifiy the religious as mentally is a mental illness.

Jesus just loves all the children of the world.

He/God gave the parents free will and dominion .


Holy shit!  You reminded me.  We sang that in church and sunday school.  Immanuel Baptist CHurch.  How terrible that I still know the lyric!

"Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red, brown, yellow, black or white
They're all precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world"

Especially insidious given that the church was infested with racist John Birchers.  

Maybe it should be

"Jesus loves the little children,

All the children of the world!

Baked or broiled, grilled or fried,

As the main course or a side ,

Jesus loves the little children of the word!"

I have to agree with the idea that belief in an invisible cosmological Santa Claus should be classified as a mental illness.  Nothing has contributed to more atrocities such as the Inquisition, witch-hunting all the way to the present day Drug war and the illegal wiretapping of the NSA. Believers, ALL of them.

I just wrote an article about this and how much it pisses me off...

Woman Kills Two Kids

This is where the concept of freedom of religion needs an additional proviso: practice of religion shall be among CONSENTING ADULTS and NOT to be superimposed upon children.  Children who have not reached the age where critical thought may be expected cannot fully understand what religion is ... and they also cannot in too many cases survive when their parents forcibly foist their beliefs on their kids.

When adults commit crimes like this and religion is at the basis of their motivation, the religion itself deserves as much scrutiny and sanction as the perpetrators do.

OY!  What you said!

In regards to critical thinking perhaps legal adults should be tested for critical thinking ability before being allowed to practice some of their beliefs. (just kidding, maybe).

Tragedies like this are why I think that even mainstream moderate religionists are culpable in crimes of the extremists.  When irrationality is made socially acceptable and demands tolerance, when faith is widely seen as a virtue rather than the appeal to ignorance that it is, when social services and law enforcement have to turn a blind eye in the name of 'religious freedom', when belief by parents or politicians or any authority figures in magical invisible beings is somehow considered 'normal' rather than a mental illness, we will continue to have atrocities perpetrated by those who believe the bullshit a little more than do most.

Moderate mainstream religionists may be no direct threat -- they're merely dishonest in picking & choosing which tenets to which they wish to adhere.  It would be easy to just put them in the category of used car salesmen if they didn't hold so much sway.  It's the honest true believers (and also the cynical users) who are the direct problem.  But the moderates make craziness socially acceptable and give it the platform from which to operate.  Hitch was right -- religion poisons everything.



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