*DISCLAIMER* This is a mix of the conspiracy stuff, but more importantly, religious debates etc. Basically, some good some bad but good can be found.

Check it out.


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I didn't read much of it. So are you some kind of conspiracy nut or what?
No, disclaimer added :p
Conspiracy theory = religion - god
could you elaborate?
Faith without substance. Obvious answers are cover ups, obviously. Because they're cover ups, it must be spooks. Never let rational answers stand in the way of THE TRUTH.

Its religion minus god.
That's what I thought you meant. I have to disagree with that analogy.

First off, rational answers? Just believe what your told the first time, every time? and you're an atheist? The same concept of questioning the status quo has lead a lot of people away from theism.

Secondly, no substance? A brief travel through history shows us several examples of conspiracies
There is a difference between the conspiracy to frame Iraq for terrorism, and conspiracy about 911 controlled demolitions. The former is readily seen for what it is by anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the Middle East, Islam and islamist terrorism. It was a blatant abuse of the West's, specifically the US', ignorance of these things - and it worked like a charm. People still believe Saddam Hussein and Bin laden were ::cough:: best pals. 911 is tinfoil hat territory. Rather than repeat what I can't be bothered reiterating, you can read this thread. The core point where conspiracy theory collapses is the assumption that any government can be competent enough to keep things that massive a secret. Its loony-toon land.
Well sometimes when you have a good bullshit detector on, you can always find out things at sights that have some level of conspiracys. As long as it isn't something like Alex Jones.
that is exactly the point of this.




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