I find it fascinating and sad that so many of my fellow African Apes are in this the 21st Century willing to live a faith based existence. I am sad that many of my friends require a celestial master to make their life worth living. It saddens me that people I know can be 'young earth creationists', most of them unashamedly so. That the parents of these our brothers and sisters have seen fit to lie to their offspring - to disillusion them and in my mind perversely instill in them a feeling of guilt and inadequacy simply for being alive, its unforgivable.

That said it is refreshing to find a site where like-minded individuals who (presumably) share a common view of this wonderful, breathtaking, fleeting moment of existence we are privileged to enjoy can trade views without reproach.


Go well and be Safe,



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I hear you; if only everybody would keep it real...
Thank you booklover... enjoy the nexus.
You blasphemer you ;)




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